1. sassieknits's Avatar
    i have all my browser boxes checked, except for support embedded media. my home page address wont stay on the page i want as a home page. also i emailed some ringtones from crackberry.com and i am unable to open them. please help.
    12-10-08 10:14 AM
  2. pltaylor's Avatar
    Check all boxes including embeded media. Once you set the home page be sure to hit menu and save the change. Also at start page select either the start page(go to page) or home page. The ringtone just move to ringtones folder.
    12-10-08 10:20 AM
  3. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Correct, check off every box and set Show Images to: On WML & HTML pages, then set Emulation mode to:BlackBerry...
    12-10-08 10:22 AM
  4. pltaylor's Avatar
    then set Emulation mode to:BlackBerry...
    Good point. Forgot about that one.
    12-10-08 10:25 AM
  5. sassieknits's Avatar
    i checked all the boxes but it still wont let me change the homepage address.it wont let me delete or type in the field.
    12-10-08 10:49 AM