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    o.k. i picked up a used original curve for att, the guy i bought it off said its unlocked however i have yet to verify this. but i have a few question about gps. and reformatting things.

    1: GPS i have an external gps that is supposed to work with the silly thing but it straight refuses to see it. It thought the telenav version that came for the curves were supposed to be able to see and external reciever when none is there. I know my blackjack sees it and uses it fine and IT IS AWESOME. Do i have to purchase a version for the berry? I know i downloaded the one for winmo overthe air and everthing was good from there.

    2: The guy had a non official 4.5 on there i was debating downgrading down to 4.2 just to make sure everything is ok with all my software. Is that a good idea or should i stick with the rom i got? onlthing that on there is video recordeer actually.

    3: until i can activate this thing with tmobile in a month or so, is there any way on gods green earth to get it to display html email? tried the gmail client and it was a definate NO GO. grr..

    thanks in advance
    11-13-08 02:03 PM
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    1- Yes, ensure the GPS is in pairing mode and then go to Bluetooth setup and ensure BT is on and then click BT setup and then find device. Now it should locate the GPS and the default code is '0000'

    2- Everything should be okay... you can download your own from t-mobile and delete the vendor file if you'd like to be safe. To get this done easily, use CrackMem. Downgrading will leave you without video recording and voice recording and saving.

    3- No! HTML emails require data.
    11-15-08 03:17 AM
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    12-08-08 08:10 PM