1. Rapid Dr3am's Avatar
    Hi, I hope this is the best place to ask. If not please move my thread, etc.

    Well I am about to order my first BB. I've decided on the Bold as I have heard great things.

    Now my questions are pretty simple, if not in some cases abstract.

    To let you know I am with o2-UK and am stuck with the phones they provide. However if you know something better comming in the next 30-60 days please let me know.

    My key requirements are:
    • WiFi
    • File Sharing on a network domain
    • Ability to open Microsoft Office documents even those in 2007
    • VPN connectivity (again with the network domain filesharing)
    • Windows Live Messenger (I can have a little fun)

    Now the questions I have are:

    • How long does the battery last? I will be using it all day, every day. I will be using WiFi, SMS, Email, Phone calls. Around 90 minutes phone time per day, 20 SMS, 20 Emails, Constant data use for LM.
    • How noisey is the keypad? Sounds mad this one, but I currently have a Nokia N95, it's a bit battered and bruised but the keypad is so noisey. If I am writing a long text then I get complaints from those around me.
    • How hard is it to develop apps for? My background is in C, C++, C#, SQL Server, MySQL, VB, PHP, ASP, Delphi, Java, Smalltalk and some ASM. I'll never be writing commercial apps, but I may have to tweak it a little. Is there a SDK?
    05-03-09 04:21 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    1.) battery drain depends on usage. i personally shut off 3G on my Bold in order to save battery live. after about 14 hours or so being off the charger with 45 mins of phone calls and a ton of messages with some browsing, my battery drops down to 80% or so. obviously with more usage, it will drain faster. shutting off 3G has doubled my battery performance.

    2.) keypad on my bold doesnt really make any noise at all

    3.) i dont know anything about developing apps.
    05-07-09 11:07 PM