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    I've been mucking about a bit with my berry following instructions from many helpful suggestions by members. I deleted 2 of the preset BB themes as per the instructions for freeing up memory, but when I did that, I lost 2 other themes that I did not choose to delete [I followed instructions exactly] that I had previously downloaded. When I checked on media manager, it had them in the list of applications on my phone, but on checking the phone, they did not show up. When I re-installed the 2 BB themes, the other 2 themes popped up again. Can anyone explain?
    08-03-08 11:48 AM
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    Yes... you actually did not follow all of the instructions, because it specifically is noted that removing the BB themes can directly affect your third party themes

    All third party themes depend on the BB themes to function properly. The BB themes act as a backbone or template to all third party themes, and without them your device will not recognize third party themes!
    08-03-08 11:53 AM
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    The funny thing is, some of the themes I had stayed on the phone and 2 of them did not, thats what I don't understand
    08-03-08 12:02 PM
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    It all depends on your themes and which BB themes you removed...

    For example, if you had 3 third party themes (1 today style, 1 zen style and 1 icon style) and you removed the BB today and BB icon themes to free up memory... then your third party themes of that particular style will not be functional

    The Zen style cannot be removed during memory optimization for various reasons... so I assume you did not remove that BB theme.

    Also, various third party themes that are more advanced (crossbar, today plus, etc) may use a BB core theme that you do not expect.

    Hope that clears things up!
    08-03-08 12:09 PM
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    I did not remove the BB zen theme, but now I understand, thanks
    08-03-08 12:11 PM
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    Welcome to CB
    08-03-08 12:14 PM
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    Thanks, I can see I have a lot to learn!
    08-03-08 12:31 PM
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    I did not remove the BB zen theme, but now I understand, thanks
    Follow bmcclure's links in his signature. Great stuff. Especially Stoner's Guide.

    Here's an excert

    If you intend to use a third party theme, do not remove the original themes until you have established what dependency exist.

    (Tip: When not to use MaxMem: MaxMem Issues

    (Tip: v4.5 OS has a different naming system for the sample images, it will not delete them.)

    Themes - 300 Kb each typical

    Themes are supplied by BlackBerry and the carrier. Each device is carrier branded during manufacture, the branding controls the loading of specific theme components.

    In this case, T-Mobile themes are identified by "100", other carriers have similar numbers assigned. You can ignore themes with non matching numbers, they will be skipped in the process.


    Both of these are needed for normal device operation.


    These are optional, removing them will save 700 Kb.
    08-03-08 12:50 PM