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    Over the last week I've read over all of the BlackBerry101 tutorials and think I have a good handle on things, however...

    I was over at my friend's place the other day, and he's had a blackberry for much of the last year (one of the reasons I made the jump to BB), and he was wondering how to set up his BIS account, so I pulled up the tutorial on his computer, and we started to set up our BIS e-mails (I had already set up and am using my g-mail account, but figured what the ****..). Anyhow, he's on Rogers (GSM) and I'm on Telus (CDMA), and I noticed during the process that he has an IMEI, and I do not.... instead I have 2 ESNs one Deci and the other Hex. Since I use gmail anyways, it's not a big deal, but if I wanted to set up my BIS e-mail, how do I go about it without the IMEI?
    09-13-08 12:12 PM
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    Great question. I've honestly never heard it being asked (not saying it hasn't)

    Well when you login to your BIS website or use your device, it recognizes that you are CDMA and does not ask for an IMEI. It actually requests the ESN/HEX numbers (not sure which one, but definitely not IMEI)

    09-13-08 12:18 PM
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    It asks for PIN and ESN.

    09-13-08 12:19 PM
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    Good to know! Thanks much.

    Guess I'll go set it up then, not that I figure I'll be using it, but its another option.

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    09-13-08 12:39 PM