09-18-08 12:54 PM
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  1. danieldegracia2's Avatar
    Aloha from sunny Hawaii! I got involved in local politics and the first thing I decided to do was toss my Shadow and go for a Blackberry Curve ... and as it turns out, Panos Prevedouros, the candidate who I am helping run for Honolulu Mayor is also a hardcore 7520 user! I never understood why people love the Blackberry so much ... until I got one!

    Me (right) and my candidate (left) at a mayoral forum, both of us avid Blackberry users!
    09-04-08 07:39 PM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    Welcome to CB! Still hard to believe how quick the BB's have changed in just the recent years.
    09-04-08 07:47 PM
  3. danieldegracia2's Avatar
    Welcome to CB! Still hard to believe how quick the BB's have changed in just the recent years.
    Mahalo! Yeah I joke with Panos that his Blackberry was released when I was an undergraduate in college ....
    09-04-08 07:50 PM
  4. Fubaz's Avatar
    Grats on the new phone and welcome to the addiction!
    09-04-08 08:02 PM
  5. danieldegracia2's Avatar
    Lol that red flashing LED light is really something else.
    09-04-08 08:07 PM
  6. 49ways's Avatar
    Hello and welcome!

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    09-04-08 08:11 PM
  7. Duvi's Avatar
    Welcome to CB... Like garz said, BBs have taken off. Back then it was exclusive to users for work using exchange. Then BB got smart and saw that there were people who wanted push for their personal lives. Then they created the BIS plan and then Pearl. After that, 88XX, Curve and now the Bold & Thunder/Storm.

    09-04-08 08:27 PM
  8. danieldegracia2's Avatar
    I just got the Curve and already I want the Bold ... is that normal?!
    09-04-08 09:07 PM
  9. ScandaLeX's Avatar
    I just got the Curve and already I want the Bold ... is that normal?!
    I believe so.
    09-04-08 09:14 PM
  10. mobiman's Avatar
    Welcome to CB, you've already been addicted if you want to own the Bold

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    09-04-08 09:22 PM
  11. dolphinguy's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry and enjoy the addiction!
    09-04-08 09:50 PM
  12. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    A recent thread commented that Sarah Palin is a dual BlackBerry packer. No politician in this age can function without a BlackBerry.

    That is so last century.
    09-04-08 11:02 PM
  13. Username01939's Avatar
    Welcome to cb. Tell the candidate love the old school bb

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    09-04-08 11:41 PM
  14. danieldegracia2's Avatar
    Yeah my friend who is running for mayor loves his Blackberry, one day I came into the campaign HQ and saw a brand new Curve box sitting on top the front receptionist's desk and asked if he upgraded, and I was told, "No, we tried to upgrade him but he didn't want it."

    Guess they love their Blackberries! He uses the Nextel Blackberry simultaneously with a regular cell phone:

    But I want the Bold already!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it taking so long to get that thing? I guess if you need dual Blackberries that must be thousands of e-mail messages coming in. I got all my personal and work e-mail addresses going to one Blackberry, that's enough for me. But I want to get the Bold!

    The other thing that disturbs me: Luis Vuitton doesn't seem to have a Blackberry case, what's up with that? I went looking for one for my Curve and couldn't get one....
    09-04-08 11:41 PM
  15. miss_michelle's Avatar
    Welcome to CB and the world of BB addiction! Nice to see your candidate rockin the old skool!
    09-05-08 12:20 AM
  16. MystikPeril's Avatar
    I love the photo and welcome to CB!
    09-05-08 01:27 AM
  17. danieldegracia2's Avatar
    The funny thing is that probably half of his committee uses Blackberry phones from various carriers, so e-mails come in these massive waves during peak hours, and the red LED light just is flashing nonstop. You can tell when we're at certain events because the e-mail will suddenly stop, and then when it's over the e-mail just rolls all over again.

    All of you already know this, but I'm just now discovering it: the one thing that I really like about the Blackberry is the ability to stay operational even in situations where no infrastructure is available. That's really helpful. I used the Sidekick 2, 3, and later Shadow in the past but the capability of the Blackberry is absolutely superlative in that I don't have to be stuck using a proprietary e-mail to handle communications for my phone and then go back to the office and use Microsoft Outlook for a separate e-mail, and then go home and use another e-mail for personal use. I like the fact that I can just enter the e-mail address and password for all of my accounts and manage them all at once and not have to worry about plugging all kinds of detailed server settings in, the Blackberry figures it out for me. That means wherever I go, I can get all my e-mail at once.

    So for example, let's say that I'm at a fundraiser event and someone tells me that the media just put something out that we need to respond to. I can read the article from my Blackberry, quickly research a response using the web service (or request talking points from someone else in the know who uses a Blackberry and get a near-immediate reply), then contact the media by my own e-mail and give as lengthy a reply as needed. Just the other day I was eating dinner and I wrote an entire article on the Blackberry. I know I could theoretically have done that on my other smartphones but somehow it seems that less steps are involved when using the Blackberry.

    Anyways, hopefully we can get the Bold pretty soon, because I would like to be able to watch .flv videos on there and do other cool stuff.
    09-05-08 02:27 AM
  18. saechavarry's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry!!
    09-05-08 07:49 AM
  19. Crackberrykills's Avatar
    Welcome to CB Daniel.
    09-06-08 08:47 PM
  20. francscrackin's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry Nation.
    09-06-08 10:08 PM
  21. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!!!

    09-09-08 09:06 AM
  22. GregMargie's Avatar
    Welcome to CB! Congrats on the new BB, and wish you and your candidate great success!
    09-09-08 09:10 AM
  23. danieldegracia2's Avatar
    We just had our televised Mayoral Debate, and I thought I'd show you just how many crackberries he has on his team, look at these very funny pictures:

    Here's one supporter ...
    Here's another supporter ...
    And here's me! Gotta love how every Blackberry user has that look in their eye.
    And look in this picture how many people are using 8320s!

    Hahaha but ultimately it was a good night, check us out ... aren't we great!

    LOL ... but have you ever walked into a restaurant and been shocked to see that EVERYONE in there has a Blackberry?!!
    09-10-08 04:42 PM
  24. greg24's Avatar
    thats awesome man, welcome to CB
    09-10-08 06:07 PM
  25. cnew21's Avatar
    LOL ... but have you ever walked into a restaurant and been shocked to see that EVERYONE in there has a Blackberry?!!
    You know what?? I never noticed that until I got my Curve. I see Blackberry's everywhere now..lol

    Welcome to CB, you'll love it here.
    09-10-08 06:40 PM
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