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    Hi all.

    I've been following this site for a few months now, and am considering joining in on the impending Bold release scramble. I have never been a smart phone user, I don't message all that much, and I'm still trudging through school so corporate email isn't a big deal to me. What I am interested in is web browsing, thus my lack of interest in previous handsets whose browsers mostly fell short of what I needed.

    I have had a few friends recommend me to the blackberries, of which the Bold has caught my eye, but others have recommended the Att HTC Tilt. I was told that the Skyfire and Opera browsers were pretty much the best on the mobile market.

    I am wondering how, in YOUR experience, the Blackberry browser compares, and if it does not, is it possible to install a new browser on the device such as the Opera or Skyfire. I plan on using the device mostly for surfing, posting, light online banking, and streaming audio (bad reception in college town), as well as occasional streaming video from youtube if possible.

    I did at one point pick up the LG Dare when I was with Verizon, but I quickly found that I didn't like the touch screen and returned it, which is another reason I'm interested in the blackberry (plus it just looks cooler then the Tilt!). I'm now with Tmobile flexpay waiting around for the Bold to launch so that I can tranfer my number back to Att.

    Any information or opinion is welcome.
    09-03-08 10:04 PM
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    If browsing and general multimedia functions are what your are interested in, I guess my question to you is why are you not looking at an iphone? Because of the ts interface?

    That being said, the bold's browser is far superior to other phones. You really can't go wrong.

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    09-03-08 10:08 PM
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    yes jenaywins your right but the i phone also is touch screen and they didn't like the dare
    i too recommend the bold or any black berry just for the simple fact even if you don't use all the features you will in the long run and i have the curve i use the browser and opera mini and they both work great so i would stick around for the bold if i were you
    09-03-08 10:17 PM
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    Being new to a bb I have to say I'm very pleased with the browsing experience. I installed mini opera 4 but the default browser isn't bad either. I was stuck between the iphone and bb for awhile. It was the lack of basic features and the network that made me decide not to go with the iphone.

    Welcome to cb either way

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    09-03-08 10:53 PM
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    IMO, the iPhone's touch screen has not competition. I understand the OP tried the Dare, but one of my co-workers tried a couple of phones (LG Dare, EnV, Sidekick, BB and used my iPhone). He likes the iPhone better. He even tried the Vu and realized the touch screen on the iPhone is totally different and superior. It was hard for him to login to mobile banking sites and forums (he would hit the screen like 5-6 times to get to be able to type in text to login). I only say this because you are looking for web surfing.

    The Bold is pretty good and Opera is available if you feel the BB Browser isn't enough.
    09-04-08 01:52 AM
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    Thanks for the information thus far. I'm now wondering what the difference is between opera and opera mini.

    I have looked at the iphone, but I'm not really interested as for one its crapple, two the touch screen, and three I don't plan on using the phone for much more then surfing and occasional messaging as I have a 32gb creative zen that suits me just fine. Also, I'm told that the iphone does not support Java and Flash.
    09-04-08 08:11 AM