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    I think I am BIS as I have no corporate issued BB. I did not choose a BB.net address, just use my work and home emails. BB Desktop Mgr version

    My first synch with my Outlook imported all my calendar entries to my BB. My next synch tried to delete a couple thousand of them from outlook, indicating I had deleted them on my BB when in fact I had not. I canceled the synch.

    I need to keep my calendar entries in outlook forever. I see that others have asked about this problem but I haven't seen a clear answer (very clueless on all things technical, minimal IT support at my non-profit). I don't mind keeping only a range of a few months of entries on my BB if that is what is necessary but I don't know how to do that either.

    Any guidance would be most appreciated.
    09-24-08 10:41 AM
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    Greetings, and welcome to CB! I currently sync with MS Outlook 2003 and have no issues. Try upgrading to the current version of desktop manager v4.6 and see if that solves the problem. Here is a link for download: https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads...93E4F3BB068C22

    You may also want to go under the configure settings in the left margin on the Synchronize screen and make sure that 2 way synchronization is checked. It sounds like the Handheld overwrites Desktop (Outlook) may be chosen if it is trying to delete the contacts in Outlook. I may not be able to answer all questions right away, but I will certainly try. Other members may also have some insight as well, so check back often. Send me a PM if you have specific questions.

    09-24-08 11:38 AM
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    I went to the link you posted and it says:

    If you did not purchase BlackBerry directly from Research In Motion (RIM), please contact your service provider to determine if this software has been authorized for use with your handheld.

    and then there are several different configurations of version 4.6. My provider is Verizon, is there somewhere on the verizon website or someone I can call who can tell me which version (if any) is approved for download on my device? Or do I just walk into my local authorized retailer and ask?
    09-24-08 04:05 PM
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    Sorry for the delay in responding. You would need to download the multi-language version and while installing v4.6, you can choose English. Here is a link to Verizon's download site, but they currently have v4.3 only for download.

    Desktop Software

    You can use v4.6 and you can download it from Blackberry and it will work fine. I downloaded my version when it first came out from Germany and I have had no issues to date with v4.6. Just make sure you choose English.
    09-25-08 04:55 AM
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    do i need any 3d party app to synch with Outlook? when i try to run synch from the DM, a pop-up always "pops up" no application to synch with" or something like that.

    Any info and i am a happy, ignorant newbie
    09-25-08 07:32 AM
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    No no need for a third party app all you need it to sync via usb. And go from their it says that becuase their is no apps or anything to load on your bb
    Its good to sync and back up your bb e ery so often

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    09-25-08 09:23 AM
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    Randommom you can actually go to BlackBerry and go to dm upgrades and there is a upgrade espiacally for verizon (vzw) and also if you go to the main page on crackberry their is a link you can follow about 4.5 upgrade
    I also use my bb for work emails (outlook 2003) with dm 4.5 and I have no problems
    So if you have any issues let me know

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    09-25-08 09:37 AM