1. willbillsbitch's Avatar
    I just had to have my bb replaced, and now on the new bb i dont have the email icons that were on my other one. My personal yahoo icon as well as the blackberry email adress. I tried to email a ring tone to my bb adress and im not able to get it (phone doesnt even blink). In my email set up it shows both the yahoo and bb adress as active and saved. Any help on geting these icons back on and working would be great. THANK YOU.
    03-05-08 01:43 PM
  2. TheAznBradPitt's Avatar
    did you do a hard reset? im sure u did... hmm did you try SHOW ALL?
    03-17-08 05:21 AM
  3. roseyflame's Avatar
    Usually when you replace your phone you have to re-register your phone... Try going to 'Options' then 'Advanced Options'. Click 'Host Routing Table' and scroll to the info that is in BOLD. Then click ur menu button and click on 'Register Now'.

    If that doesn't work, try resending your service books. I'm not sure how you can do that on AT&T but for Tmobile I know you can resend your service books through it's website.

    Hope it helps.. ;-) keep me posted.
    03-27-08 07:28 AM
  4. mzshey2x's Avatar
    I think you have to call an AT&T rep to have your service books re-sent.

    Definitely try re-registering your phone!

    Hope you get things fixed!
    03-27-08 11:41 AM
  5. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Here's all the info on service books and registering:
    How do I resend my service books? - BlackBerryFAQ
    03-27-08 11:58 AM