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    Hereís the dealÖI am a Windows Mobile user (T-Mobile Wing) who is intrigued by the Blackberry Curve, so much so that it makes my loins tingle. Donít get me wrong, I love Windows Mobile, both Standard (I miss my T-Mobile Dash), and Professional, and consider it a huge leap up from the SK2 I was toting a few years back. I consider myself a power user in most things, whether it be my laptop, my mobile device, my car, my firearms, everything. I love changing things to make them work better and more suited to my needs. I do have to admit that Iíve run into some issues with my device lately that is steering me very near the Blackberry.

    One Handed Operation: Iíll say it upfront, I text and drive. I read e-mail and drive. I check Google Reader and drive. My Wingís keyboard is just not suited for this. Even with great home screen plugins used with the touch screen isnít working for me. And forget typing and drivingÖeven with my gorilla hands itís nearly impossible.

    I am tired of having to flash my ROM every few months because something gets effíd up. If itís not one thing itís another. I love being able to edit the registry to make things how I want them, but it takes a lot of my time when I feel I deserve a device that just works, and works well. I am also at my wits end specifically with the task management of the phone app: I will be checking a web site, e-mail, or some other program when it will freeze, then ten seconds later show a call coming in only to have reached itís maximum ringing time and send them to voicemail. Shipoopie.

    Messaging: The bread and butter of Blackberrys. One thing that I would love is a threaded app like BBís have, instead of Pocket Outlook. Just to get to an e-mail I have to (1) press the message button, (2) select the messaging account, and (3) choose the message. Granted with a BB itís not that many less steps, but it feels more streamlined. I also hate feeling so scattered by having four e-mail addresses in four boxes, with my Outlook box, and a SMS/MMS box. Thatís six separate accounts in Pocket Outlook.

    User Interface: I really like the look of WM6. I like Vista on my laptop. I like things that appeal to me aesthetically and just wish the rest of the WM OS operated as nice as it looks. Just to perform simple tasks (just like above) it seems like forever to get into the menu. I know that the BB OS may feel the same way, but instead of having to move the WM device around in my hand and hit different buttons (hence, using both hands), the BB can remain one-handed.

    Okay, musing and ranting over with. Now onto the actual fact finding mission. I need to know if I can do everything on a BB that I can do on my laptop/Pocket PC, and at minimal cost (i.e.: freeware, etc.).

    Web browsing: Check. (Google Reader addict.)

    Blogging: By e-mail or Wordpress mobile interface plugin. Check.

    IM: Yup.

    HTML E-mail: Why wouldnít RIM already have this without end users relying on 3rd party plugins? Shouldn't the ruler of mobile e-mail have done this before Windows Mobile? I want something integrated, which doesnít slow the interface, and operates within the messaging app.

    Finances: Any suggestions? I would love to export a MS Money fileÖ

    MP4Öcheck. Any other formats it plays natively? Converting usually isnít an issue, just wondering.

    Document Editing: This is important to me. I need to be able to receive, edit, and save PDF, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files. I have seen some hefty prices on software that allow this but would love something cheaper (free?).

    Task Management and Scheduling: I use Outlook (Office 2007) on my laptop (Vista Home Premium) and am wondering if this natively syncs.

    Windows Live: The only service I really use is Live e-mail. I wasnít able to find any posts about specifically Live e-mail addresses working without paying extra for Windows Live premium services.

    Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.
    12-17-07 08:13 AM
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    I’ll say it upfront, I text and drive. I read e-mail and drive. I check Google Reader and drive.
    Tell me where you live, so I can make sure I never, ever go there.

    BlackBerries excel at single-handed operation. The OS is FAR and away more stable than WinMo. Document editing is weak, and 3rd-party products for it are mediocre, from what I hear. Dataviz has not yet released Documents To Go for BB, but it's in the pipe. Multimedia support is improving. Watching videos in several formats is just fine, but it helps to optimize them for playback on the BB.

    As for Windows Live, I don't know what all it entails. ISn't Windows Live e-mail just Hotmail? It should work fine, but I don't know if it allows POP or IMAP retrieval without paying for an upgraded account.

    If you go with BlackBerry, you are going to lose some of the seamless Microsoftworld integration, but almost all of that can easily be replaced/upgraded with other apps, usually for free.
    12-17-07 09:09 AM
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    Tell me where you live, so I can make sure I never, ever go there.
    When I'm at work I'm already juggling a laptop, communications radio, driving, Nextel, and having to be aware of what's outside my car. One device extra really won't do much else. ALthough I am mentally exhausted at the end of my night.

    If you go with BlackBerry, you are going to lose some of the seamless Microsoftworld integration, but almost all of that can easily be replaced/upgraded with other apps, usually for free.
    The only seamless integration I truly care about is Outlook sync, as that's what I use for contacts, tasks, and scheduling. Office documents too.
    12-17-07 08:15 PM
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    i had the wing and the dash and the sidekick. I hated the wing and the dash was not much better. everything was so slow. I now have the curve and love it. there is no slow drag like with the wing. yes you can text with one hand. you can open camera all the time on the wing i had the hardest time with that stupid camera. So get a curve you will be so much happier
    12-17-07 08:30 PM
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    The Pearl is great also. The SureType technology has allowed me to actually type faster - and it's smaller size is great for one handed typing. Plus it's got the camera/video, and all the other goodies. I'm w/ Verizon.

    As for Hotmail - ditch it. I did once I got my BB. I had been trying to, but this just helped me do it. As far as I could find, you cannot get hotmail pushed to your BB. Gmail works GREAT. I've had hotmail since 1999, but have enjoyed not having to look at all the terrible ads, etc, anymore. I don't even think paying for the "premium" hotmail works either, from what I could find. And I could NOT get my hotmail account to forward to any of my other email accounts. Gmail is excellent and was a breeze to set up w/ BB.

    Getting a BB has been great for me. And I feel like owning and using the Pearl has been much better than I could have ever imagined. Good luck and hope things work out for you!
    12-18-07 04:21 PM
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    I can't answer most of your questions, but I do know that my uncle had his BlackBerry with BIS from Sprint set up to access his MSN (all too similar to Live Mail/Hotmail/whatever you call it) email account.

    I am thinking (based on tutorials I have seen) that you can set up BIS for Hotmail through your carrier's BIS page. Otherwise, call BIS support (whose number can be obtained from your carrier) and have them set up the account for you.
    12-19-07 08:26 PM