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    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums. I've been playing with the Curve at work and I really like it. Was considering an iPhone but found out that it still needs some work to compete with Blackberry's. I'm looking to have emails sent to me from Yahoo and GMAIL. Surf the Net when needed. Also I love to IM. It looks like the Curve would be for me. I've been surfing through the site and I see members asking for alternative email clients. Is there an email client software that members prefer? Can I receive email from multiple GMAIL accounts and be able to tell which account it came from? Also for IM, I hear JiveTalk is the software to get. I'm also looking to store music and pictures on a memory card. Anyone know where I can find some good deals on memory cards? Also about data plans. Is a Blackberry data plan needed to have my email pushed to me, IM'ing, and Web browsing? I have an unlimited data plan on my Moto V3 now, is that sufficient enough? I hope I didn't ask too many questions for a first post.
    07-28-07 09:16 PM
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    You can have up to 10 email accounts setup.

    JiveTalk is great.

    Best deals I have found on memory cards are on Buy.com

    Yes, you will need the BlackBerry Data Plan, what you have now will not work.

    Of course that's not too many questions. Welcome!
    07-29-07 12:53 AM
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    Thanks kasperapd. I'll look into what buy.com has. I guess I would need to find out a Blackberry data plan. Hopefully I can get my Curve this week.

    Whats the max memory card I can add to the Curve? Is it 2gb or 4gb?
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    07-29-07 09:03 PM
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    The Curve can hold a 4GB card. But I think people have had difficulty finding them...
    07-29-07 09:59 PM
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    Thanks for that info navilyn. I tried to get a 2gb MicroSD card from buy.com. And with Google Checkout I was going to get $10 off. I've had a Google account but never used Google Checkout and I wasn't given the discount. With the discount I would have paid $21.34 for the card. So now I'm going through the cancellation process with buy.com.
    07-31-07 12:25 PM