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    completely new here so hi every one.
    my mobile contract's coming to an end and im toying with the idea of getting my 1st blackberry however i dont really understand how my blackberry would intergrate with my pop3 email account? at the moment all my business emails go through to outlook on my laptop, however i would also like to pick up my email for the same account via my blackberry and potentially i may need to get the same email that i had on my blackberry also on my laptop. so how does this work do all emails go to both devices? im sure that this is pretty simple and what ever happens works well as it must be a pretty common scenario but if someone could take a few mins to break it down so i can get my head round it that would be great. if it makes any difference the business is my own small company so there isnt an IT department of server just my laptop and potentially the blackberry. im also based in the UK.


    10-07-08 05:51 AM
  2. teal's Avatar
    Yeah your pop3 email go to both your devices. You will have the option of multiple email accounts coming to your device if desired. Also, when reading your emails from your Blackberry you will have the option of deleting from the Blackberry only or from both your laptop and Blackberry, or of course saving.
    Trust this helps.
    10-07-08 07:02 AM
  3. Norton Plumbing's Avatar
    Thats exactly what i was hoping to hear thanks. im sure i will have plenty more questions over the next few weeks!
    10-07-08 07:14 AM