1. maggiorana's Avatar
    I have given a bb 8310-curves my parents returning from a holyday in the united states. Unfortunately not understand much about these things. So now I find with a BB at*t you can not use it with the card-tim provider in Italy. Oppsssss I am writing from Italy. I have read that you can unlock calling at * t but I'm not going to make a phone call for me very expensive. I have seen websites that promise unblock with payment of providing the IMEI code. but I also read that there are software they do so, for this I ask your help, if you please give me directions on where to find these software or implement procedures . many thanks to whoever would respond

    Sorry but my eng is very bad
    09-11-08 01:41 AM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I have no idea as to what software you can use to do this but
    BBEnriched has one of the lowest prices and fastest turnaround
    times I have seen for unlocking services
    09-11-08 02:07 AM