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    I used to have a Treo and was able to sync my calendar, contacts, etc. flawlessly between several desktops and my device. Now, with Outlook on my desktops and the Calendar on my Curve 8330, I have nothing but problems.

    The first set of problems came while trying to transfer over from the Treo - I finally gave up on all the programs and did it manually. Took forever!

    Then, as I began to sync between the device and two desktop Outlook 2007 applications, I began to find duplication of events on a regular basis. Additionally, sometimes the begin/end times change mysteriously (my all-day events begin/end at 4am instead of midnight!!!)

    I tried to avoid the need to sync by installing Google Sync and pointing the Outlook Calendar to my Google calendar, but some events just won't transfer.

    I depend on my calendar so much, and I'm so frustrated! I spend more time deleting duplicates and getting PO'd when an event is not sync'd as it should have been and I consequently double-book!

    Can somebody please help me? I'm currently running XP Home Edition, Microsoft Outlook 2007, and OS v4.5.0.77 on the Curve.

    Thanks in advance!
    11-28-08 10:48 AM