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    I seem to have a problem with the default browser configuration. At first, I thought the specific websites did not support rendering on a Blackberry but realized it was happening with many other sites.

    My problem is when trying to enter logon credentials into a text box on the website, I cannot get the text box to accept focus. I click using the trackball but it just acts as if it's frozen.

    There seems to be many areas for configuration and since the default configuration did not work, I tried the following:

    Applications -> Options -> Security Options

    Under TLS, I made sure "Allow HTTPS Redirections:" was set to "Yes"

    I would assume this is required if being redirected or clicking a link which sents an HTTPS request through the server.

    Within the same menu, I went under WTLS and left the "Encryption Strength:" set to "Allow Weak". The "Prompt For Server Trust:" is set to "Yes"

    I then went into my browser, clicked my applications button and went into browser configuration. Many options were not selected but I do not care if I have "Support Embedded Media" etc... selected. I configured then saved the following configuration:

    Checked "Support JavaScript"
    Checked "Allow JavaScript popups"
    Unchecked "Terminate slow running scripts"
    Checked "Support HTML Tables"
    Unchecked "Use Foreground And Background Colors"
    Unchecked "Use Background Images
    Unchecked "Support Embedded Media"
    Unchecked "Support Style Sheets"

    Show Images:
    On WML & HTML Pages
    Emulation Mode: BlackBerry
    Content Mode: WML & HTML

    Within the Browser, I went into General Properties and notice the following:

    Default View: Column
    Checked "Enable cursor in column view"

    "Enable JavaScript Location Support" is unchecked. Unsure what this means since I have enabled JavaScript in the "Browser Configuration" but I have tried it both checked/unchecked.

    I notice when I save these changes and try to log into my banking or even a simple website like hotmail.com which requires entry into a texbox dialogue, the textbox cannot gain focus for data entry.

    I know it has something to do with the settings but for the life of me, cannot figure it out. Any help or insight would be appreciated! Thank you!!
    06-03-08 03:40 AM