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    I Was Wondering If Anyone Has A Cure For The Following?

    1) When I Use The "dimension Today" Theme On My Pearl After 1 Or 2 Text Messages It Refuses To Delete Them Off My Main Sceen, Ve After I Hit Delete Multiple Times. I Have Removed Battery Sim Card Etc.. Is There An Os Issue Going On Here? Its Really Becoming Annoying

    2) When I Go To Dial A Name I Get An Error A Lot. It Says Something To The Extent Of "illegal Arguement Java Exception Error" This Happens All The Time. It Goes Away For A While After I Reinstall Battery But It Starts Up Again.

    3) My Call Log Gets Deleed Very Often. Is This An Os Issue. I Just Got A 1 Gig Card Will That Stop The Problem?

    4) On My Girlfriends Pearl Here Address Book Suddenly Disappeared, So I Went To Options And Hit Copy Sim Card To Phone Etc.. The Phone Book Still Does Not Appear.

    5)only With Cingular Has This Been An Issue. Some Times I Am Not Getting Text Messages Ent To Me And Vice Versa, And Sometimes I Get Messages An Hour Late Never Seemed To Be The Case With Cdma Verizon?

    6)besides That Right Now, Im Becoming Addicted To This Pearl Which Is My First Bberry And I Cat Put It Down. Sometimes I Think My Hip Is Vibrating And I Look Down And I Dont Have A Phone On Me, Now Thats Sick!
    04-28-07 10:46 PM
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    Hello Lawman,

    It appears you have Cingular as a carrier? If you have T-mo, then you probably have software version .64 which is pretty buggy. Upgradding to Cingular's .73 will help relieve some of those problems.

    If you have Cingular, then you most likely have one of the more stable version. Here are some additional tips that will help which I copied from Redddog187 over at Pinstack:
    "Ok I keep seeing this problem popping up, so hereís an all in one Guide to Fixing Disappearing SMS/MMS/E-mail/Call Log and all your other things that seem to disappear.

    Reason for it. Youíre running out of Device Memory, therefor your pearl Dumps what it doesnít reed. Your messages

    Try these steps. Not in any certain order.

    Closing Open Applications
    ALT+Escape/Back Key
    Make sure you haven't left applications open.
    There should be 5 applications that are always open.
    Phone, BBmessanger,Browers,Homescreen, and Call Log
    You may have other 3rd party applications that may have to run in the background, but most can be closed.

    Auto Delete ON/OFF
    Under Messages:
    Select Menu/Blackberry Button
    Select Options
    Select General Options
    Keep Messages: (Shortest is 15 Days, Longest is Forever)

    Battery Pull
    Pull out battery and leave out for 30 Seconds.
    (I do this at least once a week) Just for safety and memory leaks.

    Check How much free memory you have
    Options -> Status -> File Free: XXXXXXXX Bytes
    Make sure it's not low.

    Clear Event Log
    Press ALT + LGLG
    Menu/Blackberry Button
    Select Clear Log

    Delete unwanted Applications to free up Device Memory
    By using your Desktop Manager, and Application Loader
    uncheck unwanted Applications also unused Language Packs

    Update your OS
    .64 from T-Mobile has known memory leaks
    .71 from Cingular is most current and seems less buggy

    This is a link to a list of Blackberry OS by carrier.
    Blackberry OS Software links (by carrier)
    Remember that OS's are not carrier specific, and you can use any OS from any carrier as long as it's for your model of phone. Do this at your own risk. If you have to return it at anytime you may void your warranty. You can always reload your carriers version, but that's a whole other process. IF you do use another carriers OS remember to delete the vendor.xml file located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader after installing the OS and before plugging in your BB."

    Let us know if this help solve some/all of your issues.
    04-29-07 08:32 AM