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    I'm sorry if these questions have already been asked...I searched and couldn't find them, but maybe I just wasn't phrasing it correctly.

    Anyway, this is kind of a mix of questions...

    a) I have a few ringtones saved on a media card, and there's definitely enough room for them, but it seems whenever I connect my phone with the computer I have the specific ringtones assigned to specific people/applications (such as tasks) and it works. But, then, once I disconnect the phone, the phone goes back to the original ringtones that came with the phone. I always reset the ringtones and then they work again, but its a bit aggrevating always resetting them.

    b) I dropped my phone and everything still works except for the zoom on the camera. But what's odd is the trackball is totally fine and works perfectly. Is it possible that I somehow messed up only the zoom?

    Thank you!!!
    12-15-08 04:04 PM