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    Hello all! I'm Dubya El (W.L.), one of the newest crackberry addicts, and a reformed PalmOS user. I actually still have my Palm650, as I have to wait out the end of my Verizon contract for another month, but I simply couldn't wait any longer to get my 8800 from ATT with the TeleNav! (Going on vacation next week, wanted turn-by-turn directions! )

    ANYway, As addicted as I am becoming to my 8800, I miss some of the features from my Treo (or I haven't been able to locate them yet despite numerous site searches! ) So, here goes my list, not in order of importance!

    1. I haven't yet found out where to change the default ring tone for the phone OR an incoming SMS, OR anything else. Before I venture in to the world of downloading new ring tones and customizing by person and/or group(one of the reasons I got the 8800), I'd at least like to figure out where the preloaded ones are and how to change them!

    2. I found out how to have the "home" screen with the "Today" info - I like that.... If I can figure out how to transfer pictures from my computer to the miniSD that I haven't yet purchased, can I change the home screen to the same format, but one of my own pictures?

    3. Is there any way to "organize" the applications screen or create other screens? I'm @[email protected], and can't stand it when all the icons don't appear on one screen. Can I create perhaps a "mail" screen that has my 5 EMail inboxes, etc? I had 6 of these such screens on my Treo (Games, Main, System, Utilities, Personal, Unfiled - not to mention the ALL). Can I create a "folder within a folder"? Say perhaps a "mail folder" in the applications screen that opens up and has my EMail accounts listed?

    4. When I open my address book, is there a way to open up just a filter group automatically, instead of "all"? I have family member groupss listed in my contacts (so I don't forget their addresses for Christmas cards!) but I don't want to have to scroll thru all my aunts and uncles to get to the work and other household contacts I use most often.

    5. I've read about hiding some of the icons. When you do this, where do they go? Can you ever get them back? for instance, if I hide the "EMail Setup" icon, how do I find it if I need to set up an EMail addy in the future?

    6. I didn't have a data plan with my Treo, but I do with my 8800. Is there a way that I can set up specific EMail addys to not check during certain days/times for EMail, unless requested? For example, I work M-F, 9AM-5PM. I don't need my work email delivered to my BB during working hours as I'm sitting at my desk with outlook open! - in fact, it's a bigger pain in the tookas because now I have to delete unwanted EMails from 2 places instead of only one! But then again, when I go on vacation, I'll need to temporarily have my EMail sent to my device....

    7. Some applications I miss from my Treo (or haven't yet found a BB version of!):
    a. Call Filter - after completing a call, prompts to place a logged note, followup calendar appointment or task. Also, can handle incoming calls based on rules (similar to outlook email rules). (CallFilter by VelocityWare)
    b. Remote and timed screen and keyboard locking and data destruction - handy if your device falls in to the wrong hands or you misplace it. Customized with notes on the 'lock" screen giving ICE and reward info to the finder, as well as allowing the finder to call 911 , health notes (allergies, meds, history) or specific address book contacts. (Warden by CorSoft)
    c. Pocket Quicken! - I'm an avid Quicken user, and would like to be able to sync some of my desktop info to the BB, and vice versa (PocketQuicken by Landware).
    d. Set up SMS messages to be delivered at a future date and time (no more forgetting to send that "happy birthday" SMS!) (NotifyThem by Anpeco)
    e. more ALARMS! I have 5 recurring daily alarms, each with a different prompt. Don't want to clutter up my task list with these, as they are "time of day" sensitive. (Butler by SmartPhoneTools/Hobbyist Software)
    f. Games - MahJohngg, Sudoku and Yahtzee (various places)

    Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!!!!
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    1. http://forums.crackberry.com/f2/how-...ications-1623/

    2. You can use the Desktop Manager program that came with your 8800 to transfer pictures to your microSD. Note: It is microSD, not miniSD

    3. You can try out different themes and see if there is one that works better for you, but all your emails will go into your Messages folder, as well as each individual folder.

    4. I haven't ever tried doing groups in the address book so I can't help you there. Someone else can tackle this one.

    5. Press the Menu button and select Show All. They will come back, but be muted until you Show it again, or Hide it again.

    6. Once you have the email account set up, it will send emails until you delete the account. There is no way I know of to tell it not to check only during certain hours.

    a) Not sure if it is what you want, but look for Pocket Day
    b) Go to Options > Security Options > General Settings, it can be configured there
    c)Check the CrackBerry Store or Handango
    d) Never heard of that, but maybe I've just missed it
    e) Look for a program called BlackBerry Alerts, it might help.
    f) Go to mobile.blackberry.com from your 8800 or check the CrackBerry Store
    07-09-07 08:39 PM
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    95% of the software that you would need can be found on the crackberry store. I've converted many people from treo's over to BB's and they've been able to find software to handle what they were looking for at the store. I'm sure you'll love your new device and even if it's not for Business use, I've found over the years that trying to go back to a Treo when not on the BES just wasn't the same. The ONLY part that I missed was not having my resume, reference letters with me at the time but that's changed now with the ability to store them on the card.

    I admit that I don't have a BB that has a card in it to store things like that but I'm not concerned about that. I have everything that I need with me at all times on my BB and what I don't have on the BB is on the laptop or on a secure site which can only be accessed via a blackberry.
    07-09-07 09:33 PM
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    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! For the prompt replies, the great info, and the point in the right direction....

    now... where can I get a personal loan for all the new software I am going to get???? I did see that there was SplashID for BB, so I'm guessing that perhaps the whole "splash" suite is there.... which I have for PalmOS, so perhaps I can strike a deal with the Splash folks.... will have to do more searching when it's not the middle of the night, ha ha ha....

    ...... must.... get.... sleep........
    07-09-07 11:27 PM
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    Some of the Splash software isn't available for the BB that's available for the PalmOS. I use SplashID on my BB and it takes a little while to get used to but so does everything coming from a Treo. Going to the BB is the best decision, even if the software is more expensive at times.
    07-10-07 07:00 AM