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    I have had my BB now exactly 3 weeks today. Finally as of yesterday, I was actually able to respond and reply back to email that was sent to me. For the record, here is what happened.

    We have an exchange server and OWA capabilities at my college. The tech support lady set up my account on the BIS server as owa.xxx.edu. I was receiving emails just perfect. I then set up my gmail account and my roadrunner account. Both of those sending and receiving mail just fine.

    I find out that my students and coworkers are not getting my emails. I test the BB, I call tech support they can't figure it out and tell me my work is blocking my BB on the Exchange server.

    Finally, a friend of mine on irc starts to go through the email headers and we start some tests and find out I'm not going through the exchange server at all for the work address.

    The account email server was set up as owa.xxx.edu and the lady should have used https://owa.xxx.edu/exchange then put in my user name.

    So the BIS account was set up wrong from the start.

    I am so shocked that their tech support did not catch this and were not able to fix it. I was on the phone with ATT and RIM a total of around 12 hours over the last 3 weeks. It works now and I can put this one to rest.

    Thanks for all your support.
    11-08-08 06:55 AM
  2. berry me with it's Avatar
    Good info, thanks for posting.
    11-08-08 10:01 AM