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    I need help!
    I know that I am supposed to search through the forums to find an answer to questions, but I have looked and either I can't find it or it is right there in front of my face and I just can't see it. So I apologize in advance if this is something that has been covered in countless threads.

    Movin on!

    Here is my problem: I'm about two weeks into my new BB and so far I am amazed at all the stuff it can do. This device just works how I want/need it to. Except with my Outlook email, I work for a large hospital and they do have a BES. Unfortunately since I am using a personal phone on AT&T and not a work issued phone on Sprint, our IT department isn't being too helpful with getting me put on. So it looks like I am relegated to BIS-ville. I don't have a problem with that but I just don't think I am setting it up right. I use the web-based email setup for gmail and my email account through our cable provider and those work great. As for my Outlook email it appears to be coming to my phone from a setting in Desktop Manager or perhaps something called Redirector (don't know if they work in conjunction) again I am still new to all this. Now that in itself wouldn't be a problem, but I only get Outlook emails sent to me when I am logged on to my computer or when I have my BB directly connected via USB. I have a secure log-in but I share my computer with several other people since we are a 24/7 operation. So keeping it logged on won't be an option. When I set up my Outlook email on the web based email option, like my other two email accounts are, I get my emails just fine. EXCEPT I will get an email in my Messages folder on my BB, then I will get the same email on my "work" email folder on my BB, THEN, I'll get the SAME email in my messages folder again on my BB.
    Is there anyway to set my BIS up so that I only get my Outlook email sent to my BB ONCE???!!!!

    Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I would like to say how great it is that we have something like this at our disposal for the sharing of information!
    07-31-08 12:03 PM
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    I'm not an expert, but if understand correctly, at work you have OL profile that is unique to you even if you share the PC. That's pretty much how we are set up execpt no one else use my PC.

    I set up my work email at BIS (T-Mobile) and it worked immediately even though I thought I would have to set up the exchange server name, user ID and password.

    Can you access your work OL account remotely using MS exchange server (mail."ORGANIZATION.COM"/exchange)? If not, I'm guessing an outside third party like BB can't find your OL account.

    Again, not an expert, but these are some things to check out.
    07-31-08 01:04 PM
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    Check out the directions I posted to solve your problem: http://forums.crackberry.com/f52/cor...account-48177/

    You will get the same service BES users get without needing a BES account.


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    07-31-08 01:12 PM
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    Thanks to everyone for coming to my aid!

    I think I have fixed the problem.

    I set up my work email using the web access option for my Outlook. I went to the website that my carrier provides along with BB just like I did with my two personal email accounts. The only difference is this time I stopped syncing my email with DM and redirector. Was this the proper course of action?
    07-31-08 02:19 PM