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    I have the basic Orange World browser on my Blackberry and receive infomation and links in text (no pictures). This is not a problem but when I want to access the Championship football scores on Saturdays only half of the scores appear. There is no option to access the remainder. My team is Wolverhampton Wanderers so consequently I can only see the score when they are playing away to a team in early alphabetical order. I have Emailed Orange with a request for help but I have received no reply. It occurs to me that if they listed the teams in single line spacing they may be able to get all the teams on the same page. I really need help from someone who uses Orange World on their Blackberry and can simulate my problem.

    I bought my Blackberry off Ebay and although I know the model is an 8700, how do I establish what the last lower case model number is (ie 8700c???)
    09-22-08 08:55 AM
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    What is the address of this site you are trying to access?

    Going to options > about shoild give you your model number. Or from your destop hold down alt and type EACE, you won't see what you type.

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    09-22-08 09:07 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    I am not familuar with the 8700 device, but I suspect it is very simular to the consumer devices I do use.

    There are two distinct Browser choices. The Orange World Browser is actualy a connection to the WAP browser. Carriers often include links to their own shopping services using WAP browser.

    The Internet Browser is more capable Browser. It will allow you to access most web pages correctly.

    You can verify the Browser by pressing Menu / Options / Browser Configuration. Your choices will be Internet Browser and WAP (Orange World). You can change the default setting from here, but it will only stay in effect for the session.

    If you prefer to default to Internet Browser, from the home screen, select Options / Advanced Options / Browser and update the settings.
    09-22-08 09:31 AM
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    Have you ever checked out this optimized for blackberry site? You can even have an icon on your desktop


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    09-22-08 09:36 AM
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    Thank you for the link Hazysky (Northern Ireland). I have downloaded m.Goal.com and now have a lovely "G" on the "desktop" of my phone. I have also put the leagues I want to watch in My Favourites. I no longer need Orange World football.

    When I access "about" in options, it only shows Blackberry 8700 with no lower case letter following.

    Thank you also Reed McLay(Canada). I followed your instructions but cannot alter either the default browser or the default WAP browser. Both say Orange World. If I try to change the option, it defaults in both cases to Orange World. Maybe my subscription to Orange does not allow another browser.
    I did download Opera mini but I appear not to be able to get past a firewall and this programme is probably not allowed by Orange.

    I must admit being of advanced years my technical knowledge is limited and any help given is really appreciated. This is my first Blackberry and I am really impressed with what it can do.

    Regards Magnum (UK)
    09-22-08 10:59 AM