1. rrrebo's Avatar
    Well, I already jumped in on some other threads, but this here's my official n00b post. I'm a Nokia fanboy who was devastated by the botched launch of the crippled N75 in the US. I could not in good conscience buy the thing I had been waiting desperately for, and I didn't really like any other phones on AT&Tingular.

    Then I saw the Curve.

    I researched it, found out it was dropping within a week, and decided I had to have it. My wife, who was waiting to get a Treo 680, decided she wanted a Curve, as well. They be in our hot little hands come Monday!

    I've supported Blackberries in the BES environment for 3 years, but this will be my first personal BB device. (Nokia, fanboy, remember?) REALLY looking forward to it.
    06-08-07 01:15 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Funny how you've supported BES for so long, and only now getting your own, personal BlackBerry. I take it the company gave you one for work, initially? Thus there was no need to get your own, right?
    06-14-07 09:24 PM
  3. rrrebo's Avatar
    Hah, no, I was a help desk galley slave, not the actual BES admin. I wasn't important enough to have one of my own.

    I've had my BB for a week, and I am totally addicted.
    06-18-07 09:34 AM