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    Well it looks like I'll be getting the Blackberry alot sooner than I thought! I called the nearby Best Buy to ask if they apply the rebate to the final sales price as opposed to the Sprint store's mail in rebate. (I hate those) A friend of mine got a touch pro not long ago and they applied the rebate to his phone. The guy on the other end told me that Best Buy was having a sale on BBs this week and with my upgrade, I'd basically get it for free. ($18 upgrade fee, but for the phone itself, nothing)

    Well the only day this week i have free is today, so as soon as the fiance gets back from errands, we're heading out! (He'd be miffed if I took off to Best Buy without him. =o) )

    I better call back and ask them to set aside a titanium one for me and double check on the plan details.

    12-07-08 11:43 AM
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    Go... Run like the wind. Congrats and hope you get some sleep tonight.

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    12-07-08 11:49 AM
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    Welcome aboard and enjoy your new toy!

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    12-07-08 11:53 AM
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    Go go go go!!

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    12-07-08 11:57 AM
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    better get a move on!!
    12-07-08 12:28 PM
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    12-07-08 12:31 PM
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    12-07-08 12:31 PM
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    Good luck!

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    12-07-08 12:36 PM
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    Congrats and Welcome to CrackBerry!

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    12-07-08 12:40 PM
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    Right on! Congrats! And as already mentioned, you probably won't be sleeping much tonight.

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    12-07-08 04:49 PM
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    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!!
    12-07-08 04:59 PM
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    Welcome to CB and enjoy your new crackberry!
    12-07-08 06:33 PM
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    The one place crack ain't whack. Welcome!
    12-08-08 02:14 AM
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    It was quite gratifying to see the $815 ringup drop to "$0.00 Owed" at the final checkout! I feel so bad for the poor salesgirl though. I had actually talked to her a couple of weeks ago when I was looking at the touch pros and hadn't yet decided on the Berry. I was wearing one of my massage therapist shirts from having been at work (job 2) and she was asking me about the school and all since she had thought about going to school for massage. As luck would have it, I ended up with her fixing up my account. Of course Sprint is pushing their Everything Plans and when she logged in to fix up the plan (keeping my $30 minutes and adding the $30 Blackberry Personal Pack), it had no listing for the $30 Blackberry plan, only the Everything plans. So she had to call some number and get Sprint to dig through their own systems to find it. I forgot to bring the brochure I had describing it, and the halfwits on the other side kept trying to tell her that plan was expired.

    I said no way, I had just picked up the brochure last week. I called my fiance and got him to find it on my desk (he didn't come along) and read to me the exact name of the Blackberry plan, and the salesgirl relayed that to the Sprint tech over the phone. The Sprint person tried to tell her they couldn't add that plan (oh suddenly they DO have the $30 Blackberry plan??) to anything less than the 450 minutes plan. I said no way, the 3 Sprint stores I've been to in the last month made no mention whatsoever about that, indeed one Sprint salesperson had flat out told me that yes, my 200 minutes could have the $30 Blackberry plan added to it. Then the Sprint tech tried to tell the Best Buy salesgirl that it wasn't unlimited data and messaging, I insisted it was. I've been reading and memorizing that brochure for the last 2 weeks.

    I would have killed to have had it with me.

    Finally the salesgirl got it through the Sprint tech's head that the 200 minute plan COULD have the $30 Blackberry plan added and yes the data and email and text were unlimited. She had to get the Sprint tech to understand that because she (salesgirl) had no way of activating that combination from her own screen. Best Buy's logon only provided for the Everything plans.

    FINALLY the Sprint tech set it up on her end, salesgirl logged on again from where she was to verify the plan was set up the way I wanted, and I resigned the 2 year contract.

    And during all this, the Best Buy employees had pooled money and ordered pizza, which they ate all of and didn't save her a piece even though she had paid for it. (some jerks in appliances who had not given any money to the pizza pool thought it was for everyone and gorged themselves on other people's pizza) Poor girl was hungry too.

    I felt so bad for her. She had to deal with halfwits on my behalf, and then endure some idiots eating her lunch. I offered to go get her a burger or something but she said thanks, no, she knew who she had to go chew out. I told her if she's ever in the mall when I'm working, stop by the massage kiosk, I owe her a free 1/2 hour chair massage.

    So I got the Blackberry! The Treo is now disconnected from the network, but I'm keeping it charged so i can get all the PDA stuff off of it and ensure everything is transferred. I got all of my stuff synced over from Palm Desktop to Outlook, then from Outlook to the phone, so I'm more or less set to go.

    12-08-08 09:13 AM
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    You will love your new phone. I am still trying to get use to mine. Very noobish on BB's.
    12-08-08 09:16 AM
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    Grats and what an adventure! Let the addiction begin

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    12-08-08 09:33 AM
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    Congrats on the bb!!! Welcome to bb!!!

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    12-08-08 10:20 AM
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    I already love it! My friend who got a touch pro a few weeks ago is mildly jealous. =o)

    That poor salesgirl. I probably should have called the store and asked the manager to give her a raise or something, or at the very least rave about how she went that extra mile for me and missed lunch for it.

    In the meantime, I'm going through my Blackberry For Dummies and manuals trying to get everything set the way I want.

    12-08-08 01:13 PM
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    that is a great deal. I wish i knew sooner that BB did that I would have gone there instead of doing it online.
    12-08-08 06:24 PM