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    Hey all,

    I tried to do a search for this one before I started a new thread, but didn't quite know how to search for it....

    When I receive a call or BBM message from a number that's not already in my contacts list, I want to save it. For some reason though when I click "add to contacts" the only option I seem to get is to add it to a new contact. Where's the option to add a new number to an existing contact? Kinda frustrating that there just isn't an option to add to an existing contact...or am I missing something altogether??
    11-30-08 08:08 PM
  2. PvT's Avatar
    I think that if you hit your green send button, scroll and/or highlight the number click menu, scroll down to copy 555-555-5555 for example... Then open the contacts, highlight the contact field you want to add the # to / menu / edit / scroll down to the phone # field / menu / paste

    Hope that is a shortcut for ya...

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    12-01-08 12:54 AM
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    what i do is when i'm called from a number i want to save to an existing name\address i press the bb button and press select and copy the number and then go to the adress/name and press the bb button and go to edit and paste
    12-01-08 12:59 AM
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    Thanks for the reply. Yeah that's how I've been doing it on my Berry, but no, didn't quite consider it a shortcut way of doing things. Lol that seemed kinda tedious. Guess I can't figure out why RIM wouldn't have added the option to add to an existing contact in their menu. Guess its not a huge deal, especially after I've finally sat down & added all my contacts....

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    12-01-08 05:26 AM
  5. PvT's Avatar
    Hope that is a shortcut for ya...
    Yah, I know... that being a shortcut... LOL
    12-01-08 12:46 PM
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    I believe there's an app called "Save As" that was written by the same guy who did Vib & Ring for the blackberry. Not sure if it works for messenger or only from e-mails, but it might be worth a look if you need to do this a lot. His prices are usually pretty reasonable...
    12-01-08 02:39 PM