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    I really want to know what you can do on a blackberry phone? I want one. I just got on this forum and I am sure there are several topics on here so if people can send me a links to them I can just spend hours reading them because people here are real passionate about them. I checked FAQ but cold not find anything specific

    I ask becaues I just read a cool things on this forum so far is that apparently you can time your phone to either be off an on? Like some people have their phones go into silent mode from 11pm-7am? For this reason I alone I would want one.

    A ringtone for every person?

    For now I wanted to know less about the email/internet but all the cool things on the phone itself?

    Actually I also read a post about people who don't buy data plans?
    What basic things can't you do with or without a data plan?

    Again, I have a good feeling this has been asked before but this forum is the largest forum of any type I have been on. There are like at least 50 replies to every post. (I wonder if it's because everyone is viewing this forum while on their constantly connected blackberries? lol

    06-21-09 11:01 PM
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    Read the Blackberry 101 lecture series. It will provide the answers to most if not all of your questions. "Search" is your friend; make good use of it; if after thoroughly looking and coming up empty then ask.

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    06-22-09 06:07 AM
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    I love my bb! I want all of my friends to get them too.

    When my best friend got a Pearl, I was thinking "Wow. Why?" then after hearing her I decided to ditch my Voyager (RIP) for a Pearl then quickly traded it for the 8330...

    I missed my Voyager for the first few weeks with the Pearl but as soon as I got the 8330, it was all over with!

    Good luck choosing
    06-23-09 11:08 PM