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    Just got an 8330 BlackBerry Curve from Verizon.. I love it so far Im not going to lie. I just have a few questions.. sorry if its alot but the slightest help is very much appreciated!!

    -can you put graphic smileys on text messages? ...if not, are there downloadable ones or a program to download?

    -also, for some reason i cant view videos on websites .. like i click on the link but it doesnt work.... is this something i can change?

    -just one more thing ..my phone seems to be lagging a bit, is there something that i can do to speed it up? it was fine when i first got it but within a week its become increasingly slower.

    Thanks for all of the help.. its wayyy appreciated!!

    09-20-08 12:50 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    1. Nope. But you can in BB messenger.
    2. BBs don't support any flash content. With the exception of YouTube, which re-encodes it's video database into a supported format.
    3. Don't leave apps running that you aren't using. Close them correctly by going to Menu > Close/Exit.
    09-20-08 12:59 PM
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    sunkast pretty much covered it all

    09-20-08 01:02 PM
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    welcome to cb
    09-20-08 01:11 PM
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    Welcome and congratulations on your curve.
    09-20-08 01:13 PM
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    An addition to your question #3, try getting all your media (pics/mp3s) saved into your SD Card instead of the phone memory. This helps a lot!

    There is a How To Improve Your BB Memory in the forums,would be great if you can check that one. Also try reading all the 101 Lectures found in CB.

    Welcome to CB.

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    09-20-08 01:18 PM