1. Shadman's Avatar
    I have a 8310 and have questions about gps

    first off:
    i dont have a data plan

    is gps free?
    does it use internet or anything??

    sorry im a complete noob
    09-25-08 11:01 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    GPS is free and does not require a data plan nor use the internet. However, all you can get without a data plan is lat / lon coordinates. If you want maps with your position shown on them in real time, then you have to have a data plan to enable downloading the maps. BlackBerries don't come with any pre-installed maps.

    There is an application called TrekBuddy that allows you to download maps in advance and store them on a media card, for use in areas where you might not have a cell signal, for example. You can easily find it by googling.
    09-25-08 11:28 PM
  3. bx2md's Avatar
    well you have the best help possible right now so with that i say welcome to cb
    09-25-08 11:33 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry

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    09-25-08 11:40 PM
  5. Shadman's Avatar
    thanks for the help

    also if i get offline maps can i get turn by turn directions?
    or would i also need a data plan for that as well?
    09-25-08 11:45 PM
  6. jeffh's Avatar
    I don't know if TrekBuddy provides turn-by-turn directions or not. I haven't used it, I just know it's an option. I believe they have their own support site, where you could probably find the answer to your question.
    09-25-08 11:58 PM