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    Hi Guys im new to the blackberry environment and im already have a delima. The current phone I am using is a voyager and i am deciding to get the storm thats coming out or should I settle and get the curve because i really enjoy the keyboard on my voyagger but i also enjoy using my touch screen for long page viewings and stuff so i was wondering which would be the best choice or easiest transition over from a voyager? I have never had a blackberry before and this would be my first any answer would be appreciated.
    10-26-08 05:10 PM
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    The keypad on the Storm is great, you shouldn't have a problem. Welcome to the addiction!
    10-26-08 05:11 PM
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    well those are 2 hard choices. the Curve has been a proven favourite but the Storm is also well, making waves in the bb community. I suggest you try and have a go at each one in the store to get a feel of things. I personally use a curve and don't think you can go wrong with it. Have not tried the Storm but so far, positive reviews all around....
    10-27-08 12:50 AM
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    Since you are asking for opinions :-)... I had the Voyager, and at first... I loved it. It didn't take long before I realized the phone was impractical, and frustrating! I ended up upgrading within ~7 months of purchase. I did NOT like the phone AT ALL. Even though the phone has a lock feature, it would often unlock itself while in my pocket, and self dial. I, personally, was not a fan of the touch screen on the Voyager. I upgraded to a BB Curve (8330), and I'll never go back. Also, the Voyager keyboard is too big for small hands (not to mention you have to flip it open every time you want to text). The Curve is a full keyboard, but much more hands-friendly. If you get a Curve - you won't be sorry. As I said - I'm not a fan of touch screens, but that's maybe because I've never seen a good one. Hope this helps. I don't think you'd be "settling" with a Curve, but the bright-shiny-object of a new phone (i.e. the Storm) is always tempting. If you do happen to get one, re-post and let us know how great it is. I'm flexible, and I'm definitely willing to re-consider if a phone is awesome - even if it is a touch screen. Good luck!
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