09-18-08 11:41 AM
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  1. jmoney1026's Avatar
    So i just got my BB yesterday and have been playing like a fiend. I got my Yahoo account set up with my messenger. Here is my problem. No one i know has a BB so i am hunting down for anyone work related that might have one. How long did it take you to find some BB pales. Let me take this back, i know one person but dont know his pin so i dont know how to send him a request and he is out of town for the week.
    10-10-07 01:05 PM
  2. bwhyte's Avatar
    I have had my BB for 2 weeks now and still don't have any BB friends. My girlfriend and my sister have them, but that's it. Let me know if you have any luck making friends!!!!
    10-10-07 01:14 PM
  3. jmoney1026's Avatar
    Yea my wife and her friend have Sidekicks so atleast i can message them but i want to try the BB messenger.
    10-10-07 01:19 PM
  4. lishan's Avatar
    I'm going through the same thing, I know one person with a curve and that's it. I'm trying to convince everyone to join the movement but everyone complains about no touch screen!!

    PS--If you know your friends blackberry email address you can add them by that too so you won't need the pin...
    good luck to us all
    10-10-07 01:40 PM
  5. DearFloyd's Avatar
    I was the exact opposite lol. My friends all had them and I was a sidekick user. Once I switched to the 7100, I found forums like this and added a **** of a lot more buddies to my messenger. Hit up the pin thread or even hit me up if you want to try it 24060678
    10-10-07 02:08 PM
  6. wolfscmb's Avatar
    what I find sad is that the few people that I do know with BB's usually doesn't even know what a PIN means or how to really use their BB's ... most of them just treat it like a regular phone ... I'm trying to teach them all (including my own mother and boyfriend!)
    10-10-07 03:05 PM
  7. bwhyte's Avatar
    I too am teaching my girlfriend all the cool things that she can do with the phone. She wonders why I am constantly on it, and I have to remind her that my whole life is in the phone (numbers, address, etc...) Once she takes the time to figure everything out, she will probably never leave it alone either.
    right now she can't stop playing that brick breaker game. Nothing like having your girlfriend in bed at midnight playing!!! LOL
    10-10-07 03:29 PM
  8. berrywhite's Avatar
    Hey guys feel free to hit me up!!! I dont know anybody with a BB but have met a lot of cool people via this site and bb messanger with them from time to time!
    10-10-07 07:33 PM
  9. Solachica's Avatar
    I only know one other person with a BB and we make full use of BB messenger
    10-10-07 07:43 PM
  10. dpmb's Avatar
    I too have no friends or associates that use a BB. I gues we're all trendsetters!

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    10-10-07 08:18 PM
  11. pnutbudrcherryberrysanwich's Avatar
    Ya I don't know anyone with a bb either so I entered that contest so hopefully I win a berry for the hubby! Then I'll have a hubby bubby berry buddy...

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    10-10-07 08:42 PM
  12. wrhfinancial's Avatar
    I only have a couple of friends with BB and I am becoming a closet user when my wife is around because she does not understand the addiction yet but I am using sublimonal suggestions that she needs to get one
    Keep you posted
    10-10-07 09:08 PM
  13. lishan's Avatar
    OK.. I don't want to abuse anyone's pin but what does pinging do? Just send the word ping?
    And..what is peer-to-peer? (It shows in my messages but not in my in blackberry messenger)
    10-10-07 11:57 PM
  14. DearFloyd's Avatar
    Wow, seems everyone is in a relationship with a loved one that just doesnt understand the addiction.

    Anyway, a PING! sends a vibration to the persons device and is like a "hit me up when you get a chance" kinda message.

    Peer-to-peer is just what you described lishan - a message sent to your device using the PIN number.
    10-11-07 12:04 AM
  15. lishan's Avatar
    aha! Thanks guys great thread for us newbs!!
    10-11-07 12:07 AM
  16. lishan's Avatar
    omg I've been upgraded to user!! I mean great thread for us crackberry users =)
    10-11-07 12:08 AM
  17. jmoney1026's Avatar
    Cool...I just added my pin so if anyone wants add me they can...Later
    10-12-07 02:45 PM
  18. aoprods's Avatar
    None of my friends have BBs either. Bought mine in June and still no BB Buds. Feel free to PIN me anytime.
    10-12-07 03:08 PM
  19. omg_its_kerri's Avatar
    You guys can add my PIN if you want. Feel free to message me anytime
    10-12-07 04:34 PM
  20. jmoney1026's Avatar
    You guys can add my PIN if you want. Feel free to message me anytime
    Took you up on the offer..
    10-12-07 06:13 PM
  21. scion9's Avatar
    My Pin's in my tag. Feel free to message me too!
    10-13-07 12:27 AM
  22. jmoney1026's Avatar
    cool i did. Hit me up when ever.....
    10-13-07 09:40 AM
  23. Mouseworks's Avatar
    Most of my friends have other smartphones, but I don't really miss anything. I still just use texting, instant messaging, or email. I'm still in instant/costant contact with all of them.
    10-13-07 10:02 AM
  24. jmoney1026's Avatar
    Yea i have friend with Treo's but i work in the car business and a bunch of my lenders use Blackberries so i am trying to get all there pins so i can get set up with them.
    10-13-07 10:10 AM
  25. cant live witout my bb's Avatar
    Welcome to cb.com J$, I only knew 2people w/bb's before I joined cb.com. Now you know an entire community. To tell you the truth I don't even use Yahoo!msgr any more lol, I'm totally cracked out. Send out some bb msgr invites and I'm sure you'll get a slew of bb msgr buddies.

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    10-13-07 12:34 PM
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