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    Just got my Pearl yesterday and have two small issues...can't hear it when it rings how do I turn it up? Does it have a speaker ph on it, also can't find it
    11-22-08 02:27 PM
  2. joe003's Avatar

    I'll defer questions about your phone to our addicts that are familiar with that model. You could also do a google search for your phone + owners manual. Many times the owners manual is available online.
    11-22-08 02:32 PM
  3. jimmers's Avatar
    Go into Profiles, you should have an option for LOUD. Also, you can adjust the volume by using the volume buttons on the side of the phone while the phone is ringing.

    You can also manually adjust the profile settings by going to Profiles --> Advanced and select the profile settings you want to change. Make sure that the volume is set to HIGH for the individual alerts you want to make louder.

    Enjoy your Pearl!!!
    11-22-08 02:37 PM
  4. resq330's Avatar
    Adjust your ring volumes under your profile icon. Go down to advanced. From there highlight the one you want to edit and hit the menu button then hit edit. That should get you going.

    The O P button is for speaker phone.
    Go under the 8130 forum for tips and tricks. Good luck and welcome!

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    11-22-08 02:37 PM
  5. hearmeoutx's Avatar
    The Pearl does have speaker phone on it. When you are in a phone call, press menu, and choose the option to "Activate Speakerphone."

    Check out that link for changing the volume of your ringtones.
    11-22-08 02:38 PM
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    Hope this has answered your questions. Welcome aboard!

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    11-22-08 02:54 PM
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    Thank you all for you help, I'm sure I'll have more questions. Maybe someday, no time soon, I can help someone out!!!
    11-22-08 03:48 PM
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    11-22-08 04:41 PM
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    Hopefully you can start putting your hairs back in

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    No worries Intervention is not in our vocabulary here, enjoy your addiction to the fullest.
    11-22-08 06:08 PM
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    Hello & welcome to the CB family!

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    11-22-08 07:39 PM
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    I had the pearl before I picked up the Storm yesterday. My one complaint with the pearl was that the ring volume (even at max) was too low. I found myself using the vibrate profile most often.
    11-22-08 11:42 PM
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    Welcome to CB!

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    11-22-08 11:51 PM
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    Welcome to CB!
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    welcome to crack
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    Welcome to Crackberry!! Enjoy your stay!!
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