1. SACoop's Avatar
    Hi All

    Am the proud owner of a BB 9000 Bold locked to O2 - given to me!

    Looking at using with a PAYG sim to start with whilst I get to grips with it - first and foremost it'll be a PDA. No doubt you guys will tell me that on PAYG it's like a car with no wheels !!!

    Any advice would be great - especially browsing on PAYG ??

    Cheers Si
    06-24-09 05:00 AM
  2. jeffers90's Avatar

    Just got a blacberry pearl 8120 on orange, on PAYG.

    Orange is probably best for a blackberry PAYG tariff, since you can get internet and email on your blackberry for 5 a month, which i don't think any other UK network can compete with.

    06-24-09 05:44 AM
  3. SACoop's Avatar
    Cheers Jeff

    So if I ring Orange they will supply me with a PAYG sim already loaded with the BIS functionality (for 5 per month). I could live with that if they do
    06-24-09 06:49 AM
  4. Hazysky's Avatar
    To browse on o2 on pay go you would have to try the Opera Mini browser running on o2's APN settings. This isnt guaranteed to work and to cover costs you need the o2 web bolt on.

    Have you looked at o2's simplicity 1 month rolling sim's? I'm only paying 20pm for mine

    If you really want pay and go Orange is the way to go, you must unlock your bold first though.

    Orange's pay and go bb package is only 50mb at present which is ok if you are to be a light user.

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    06-24-09 06:57 AM
  5. SACoop's Avatar
    Thanks HazySky - very useful info.

    Going to try with Orange first to see how I get on with the 50mb.

    Can you recommend any places to get my Bold unlocked? I think I'll need to get the PIN released also?
    06-24-09 07:37 AM
  6. Hazysky's Avatar
    Use an online unlocking website, can't think of any good UK ones right now so try a google search and if all else fails try Horizonwirelessonline.com.

    If the previous owner had email set up on the Bold then they will need to contact o2 (?) and have the PIN released from their Blackberry Internet Service account.

    Good luck and welcome to CB!
    06-24-09 03:48 PM
  7. jeffers90's Avatar
    Hazysky, thanks for mentioning the 50mb limit! It is ok if you're a light user, but unless you're doing a lot of browsing then you shouldn't go over the limit.

    Yes, if you ring orange they should be able to activate BIS on your Bold.

    I guess if you got your Bold unlocked, and got a brand new Orange Sim, then you should be ok. Currently Orange have an offer on, which is that all new Orange customers with a blackberry get 6 months free BIS when your BIS is activated! However, you'd have to check whether you qualify for this, since technically you'd just be putting a new Orange sim in your Bold - which i'm not sure if they would count as being a "new" orange customer, since the blackberry was bought from O2.

    Good luck!!

    06-26-09 04:42 AM