1. dazed.and.confused's Avatar
    Hi Everyone,

    So glad I discovered this site, as I am a total novice with this new device!

    Long story short, my husband surprised me a couple of weeks ago with the Curve, my first ever Blackberry, or even being around one. Yeah, I know, hard to believe.

    I still have so much to learn, i.e., operating this, and learning some shortcuts. I feel so out of my element, but am LOVING it nonetheless.

    I have heard that this is referred as a crackberry, and I laughed, b/c I couldn't imagine being that attached and dependant on a phone. Well, it's not just a phone, as I've now discovered!

    My 1st question, the first of many I'm sure, is that now I see a new BB is coming out, the Bold, and I am wondering if I should turn this one back in and wait for that one. Is a touch screen easier? I've started to read some of your reviews, and also, a big thanks to all who patiently answer the questions on here. You really don't know how much it's appreciated.

    So, is there certain criteria for what would better suit someone like me, a novice to the BB in the first place? Also, and this may sound really stupid, but I have long nails. Does this interfere with a touch screen? I have one in my car at work, and it sometimes presents a problem. Sounds pretty "chick-ish" doesn't it? Thanks in advance!
    11-06-08 05:53 PM
  2. berry me with it's Avatar
    You are referring to the Storm, not the Bold. I would stay with the curve based on what you said, the Storm's touch screen will be very responsive, but if you are having trouble in your car, I'd stay with buttons. Welcome!
    11-06-08 05:59 PM
  3. dazed.and.confused's Avatar
    Sorry, I think I meant to say the Storm.
    11-06-08 05:59 PM
  4. berry me with it's Avatar
    Maybe some more info will help determine the device for you, what will you be doing with the device? Media, email, browsing?
    11-06-08 06:07 PM
  5. fishkat's Avatar

    Hello & welcome to the CB family!
    I love my Curve. This is my 1st BB too, I wouldn't know which one to go w/next. Depends on what you think you may want to do w/it. Good luck.

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    11-06-08 07:13 PM
  6. PvT's Avatar
    I've got the Bold and I like. The storm I think is nice if you'd be doing alot of surfing or video watching. Otherwise I'd actually have to play with one before I would make the plunge. What's coming after the Storm? How long of a life will it have? All those things to make you wonder when to make the plunge.

    This video, makes it look easy...

    Welcome to the CB family.
    11-06-08 08:20 PM
  7. madhatter66's Avatar
    i love my curve as well. welcome
    11-06-08 08:27 PM
  8. greg24's Avatar
    I have a Bold and its absolutely SICK!!!
    Welcome to crackberry!!

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    11-06-08 08:29 PM
  9. thepaintedpony's Avatar
    Welcome to CB! I have the Curve! All are nice phones!
    11-06-08 10:40 PM
  10. mbaird01's Avatar
    I have had my shiny red curve for a week now. I picked it up on ebay and migrated from a blackjack 2 with WM 6.1 on it. I slapped my sim card in and called my buddy down at the local ATT store. He swapped my pda plan over to the BB and in no time at all, I was up and crackin. I love love love this phone and only went with a samsung due to our exchange server at worker and our i.t. admin not wanting to fork over the dough for enterprise. Yeah who needs work email on their personal phone anyways?
    For 6 mos. my heart has been wishing waiting dreaming drooling and wanting the bb curve. I finally caved when my friend was showing hers off and i realized that the dang camera had a flash. Silly me, I was done in at that point. The cam on the bj 2 was horrendous! I did like WM 6.1 far better than 6.0, but I only upgraded during the time I was waiting for my bb and I was a bit distracted spendin many late nights surfin this site and learning all I could so I prolly didnt fully get the entire WM experience.
    Thanks for the oodles of info and the time it takes to explain things to new bb abusers like myself.
    11-07-08 01:01 AM
  11. golfnut's Avatar
    Hello and welcome! I think if you can be patient to see if the Storm is right for you or not, you should take back the curve. If you discover it's not, you can still get the curve back. Just my opinion. Good luck!
    11-07-08 01:15 AM
  12. censai207's Avatar
    Gotta love my Curve. And because I have a child who loves 2 touch my phone, I think I'll stay away from the touchscreen. I say stick with the Curve for awhile if ur new 2 this whole BB thing. The Storm looks pretty complicated and you may wanna get a feel 4 BB b4 u go super high tech. I've been in the BB family for quite sometime and love BB
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    11-07-08 01:27 AM
  13. skyjackal's Avatar
    Go Bold. You'll want it sooner or later so go for it!
    11-07-08 01:30 AM
  14. Duvi's Avatar
    You are with Verizon and have long nails. The curve is good enough for a beginner.
    11-07-08 04:04 AM
  15. joe003's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!

    1 vote for the...... curve (kudos for model 8330, oh yeah!)

    I use it for everything, it goes everywhere, and does anything I need it to do

    You'll like it or your money back, guaranteed*

    *Any actual guarantee would be related to most carriers 30 day return policy. There's no actual guarantee from crackberry.com, it's members or administration. However, due to the overwhelming addiction so many people have for the curve, it would be difficult that anyone could use it for 20 days and say anything about giving it back. The addiction is so strong, you'll want to keep it.
    11-07-08 06:05 AM
  16. hearmeoutx's Avatar
    Stick with the curve. It is a great device. The storm is not for someone who has long nails, and would be too much of a hassle.

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    11-07-08 06:22 AM
  17. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    I think you should go with what you feel comfy iwth. Welcome to CB

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    11-07-08 08:09 AM
  18. dazed.and.confused's Avatar
    Wow, thanks so much to everyone for the opinions. What a great site!

    I will be primarily be using it for emails(not a huge priority, but still...), phone, web browsing, texting, and I do take a lot of pictures of the family. I'm still trying to learn so much more what this is capable of!

    I am already getting teased that it is permanently attached to my hand.

    I think I will probably stick with the Curve. But man o man, the Storm is tempting! My husband is due for a new phone and contract soon, so I'm thinking maybe he will see the BB for it's greatness and want one also. Maybe the Storm, and then I could try it out.

    If I didn't have trouble with the touch screens at work, I'd probably take the advice of turning this one in and trying the Storm knowing I can always go back to the Curve. So tempting.

    Wow. So much to think about, so little time. Being such a novice, perhaps I should just stick with the Curve. Yeah I know, such a woman like reply.

    Thanks again everyone!
    11-07-08 08:18 AM