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    Hi all! I have been looking for answers on and off all day today, now I finally find crackberry!!
    1) where are smilies / emoticons on the BB for text etc?

    2) I have a pearl and when I attempt to use call waiting I always hang up on 1st call...how do I get back and forth between calls?

    3)I received an email with a mp3 song attachment and my BB wouldn't let me open it. What am I doing wrong? How can I get songs via email?

    4)what's a tip or 2 to help with the battery life?

    5)how come when I go to my browser my "home page" isn't the one that loads? I have the setting set to go there when launching the browser.

    That's it sorry so long any help will be GREATLY appreciated!!

    I am an electronics junkie and this BB is kicking my ****!! Thanks in advance for any help!!
    10-26-08 09:10 PM
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    Welcome to CB! Hit the 101 link in my signature for the answers to those and many more questions.
    10-26-08 09:30 PM
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    I'm a newb too and those are excellent questions. Just got my curve yesterday. Definitely gonna keep this thread bookmarked!

    Hey I just noticed the SC part. I'm in Greenville.

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    10-26-08 09:30 PM
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    Charleston here!

    Now heading to class @ BB 101
    10-26-08 09:49 PM
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    Go riverdawgs!

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    10-27-08 05:03 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry

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    10-27-08 07:42 AM
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    Hello and welcome to CB.
    10-27-08 08:26 AM