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    So... I just got a Storm and right now I feel everything is a BIG MESS. Before the BB I used a Palm TX and a regular cell phone. I KNOW I can have it all in one device but I just can't seem to get there...

    OK. So I got my contacts, tasks and calendar from Palm into Outlook. But that is where I started going in circles. I have Outlook 2000 which I have come to find out does not sync with BB. I was going to just upgrade to Outlook 2007 so all would be well but then I would need to upgrade my OS and I am not sure all the other programs that I use would be ok with this change.

    Now, say we ditch the PC and talk about my laptop. I just got the Mac Leopard and I am beginning to think that its time that maybe I start migrating from PC to MAC. (BTW... I do have office 2007 on the PC side of the MAC but I don't have Outlook). Is there something I can use that has contacts, calendar, and tasks so I can sync up my BB to MAC? Would this be PocketMac? Will I be able to get info from Outlook into this super program? I am so new to BB and Mac that right now I am plain LOST! Help!?
    11-30-08 09:23 PM
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    I have a Mac and I sync my contacts, task, and calendar events using Pocket Mac. On my Mac the programs I use that work well with PocketMac is ical,and address book. Pocketmac works great with those. There is another program that I've just started recently using and that is Google mobile sync. This works GREAT!!!! I download the google mobile sync icon to my Blackberry and i can sync on the go whenever I add/change a contact,or calendar.
    RIM is working on a program for us Mac users. No one really know when it will be available so for right now Pocketmac and Google mobile sync works perfect for me.
    Hopefully I helped.

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    11-30-08 09:38 PM
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    I would use the free blackberry desktop manager on the "pc" side of your mac. I use pocketmac and it is a challenge sometimes. I used to sync on my pc and never had any issues.

    RIM is working on a desktop manager for the mac, but no one knows when that will be out.
    11-30-08 10:34 PM
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    thanks. i downloaded pocketmac. what do you use for tasks? I am working on google mobile sync today. have you ever tried entourage?
    12-01-08 08:42 AM
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    OK... so I am a little behind the times and I need to be educated. Goggle Mobile sync is different from iCal because iCAL when you sync you need to use the USB and Google is wireless. But Gooble Mobile sync and iCal can be used together??? Did I get it right?
    12-01-08 09:59 AM