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    Hi all!

    I'm planning on jumping on the BB wagon this week (hopefully!).

    I've pretty much decided on the Curve because of the full keyboard and screen. I want to use the calendar feature a lot and I'm afraid the SureType keypad would get on my nerves. I was initially going to go with the 8320 because I felt with wi-fi would be more useful than GPS. Well, it appears that the 8320 is not available on Rogers in Canada. The only model I see listed on their website is the 8310. *sigh* So I guess my decision has been made for me in that respect.

    My question for you Curve owners is regarding your data usage as I'm trying to estimate how much I'll use. I'm planning on uploading a few pictures here or there, looking at websites, sending and receiving e-mails. Just typical stuff really. The plan I'm looking at has 1GB per month.

    I'd also like to hear from 8310 owners to see if there are any features missing that you wish were present on this particular model. From my understanding, no wi-fi, no video recording, no streaming (i.e. youtube). Please, correct me if I'm wrong about any of this.

    Thanks, everyone!
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    With 4.5 (not released officially by Rogers) you can have youtube and video recording.

    An unlocked 8320 can be purchased to use on Rogers. 1gb sounds good, but I would get the next one up and see what your usage is. I thought they had a 5gb plan promo in which I would try.
    10-28-08 03:14 AM
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    Hi FailSafe, welcome to the CB family. I'm probably the wrong person to ask..., as I went over on the data/phone plan I selected, and it ended up costing me in a BIG way. In fact, it ended up costing me so much that I immediately upgraded to the highest data, highest # of minutes plan, etc. that my phone service offered. If I recall correctly, my "error" cost me over $300. Ouch. You only learn that lesson once. At the very least, either buy the plan you THINK you will use, then check your progress frequently (either online OR by calling them)... OR buy a higher plan and see how the first few months goes. This is only my PERSONAL experience and personal opinion! The nice thing is - with my service plan - I can change at any time I need to. Good luck!
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