1. RubyRedKasmira's Avatar
    Ok, so I just purchased my new Pearl today, and I've signed up for this site because it looks like people are really informative here. I'm unsure of what kind of programs to download....any suggestions would be really cool!! I would really like to personalize my BB. Oh and what is PIN mean?

    Thanks ahead of time for all your help!!
    02-20-08 08:12 PM
  2. Click's Avatar
    Here is your answer to what is a PIN, Lecture 8: How To Use BlackBerry Messenger

    and the Must Have Apps

    Hope this helps!
    02-20-08 08:19 PM
  3. RubyRedKasmira's Avatar
    Thanks a bunch!!
    02-20-08 08:23 PM
  4. Click's Avatar
    Your Welcome!!! O yea, Welcome to CrackBerry!!!
    02-20-08 08:24 PM