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    Hello all,

    Glad to be on board. Have a question that I've searched for hours to find the answer to. As noted, my previous PDA was a Treo 650. I have thousands of calendar events and contacts I need to transfer to my new BB Bold. I followed the advice from another post.

    Since I am not allowed to post URLs, the thread name on this site is "How to: Palm to BB8830 Switch Device Wizard":

    >After some hours of fiddling, I found a go around to make this work. Browsing through many of the threads on this topic, I >couldn't get any of the advice to work, but this does . . .
    > I had a Treo 700p and just got a BB 8830
    > 1. Export from Palm Desktop whatever data you want transferred (i.e. address book) as a comma separated text file (.csv)
    > 2. Then, completely remove your current Palm Desktop software from your computer.
    > 3. Go to Palm.com and download version 4.0.1 and install it.
    > 4. Import the csv files into your new Palm Desktop program (version 4.0.1)
    > 5. Now, do the Swith Device Wizard through the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
    > DONE!
    > Hope this saves some other poor soul a few hours of frustration."

    The process worked perfectly.... until I doublechecked my Bold to make sure everything was transfered properly. Though all my contacts were transfered properly, only the calendar dates from today on transfered. All the dates from before today (1000s of entries) are not there. Am I doing something wrong? I've double checked the Treo 650, and made sure that everything was synced to Palm Desktop before doing the switch.

    Thanks to anyone who helps!
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