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    I'm new to blackberry. My 8830 is configured for BES. Email is working fine except I have a few problems.

    I can see my inbox, and sent items but If I try to view any other folder, it shows no messages. I have many other folders in my exchange mailbox. It shows all the folders but doesn't show any messages on the blackberry.

    Also, I configured my messages to use seperate SMS and Email Inboxes. I know have a SMS icon, my personal POP icon and my regular Messages icon.
    But when a new personal pop email comes in or an sms, it still goes to my messages. Is there a way to keep them seperate?

    One other thing. I assume that since I'm activated with enterprises BES, that blows away any other address book. I was wondering how to get my old contacts off of my old phone downloaded to my new 8830 but didn't see anywhere to add the contact backup/restore software I had with verizon. I since exported from online and put them in my outlook contacts. Didn't know if their was a way to have both.


    10-29-07 09:01 AM