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    Hello all
    I recently bought a used 7250 that has an IT policy in it. The password req'd is a pain to deal with and I dont know how to get rid of this feature. I searched the thread about getting rid of the IT policy but it is way over my head. I didnt get the CD with the BB. I use it on the Bell Mobility network. Would my carrier be able to reset this for me? I unfortunetly live 50 miles from the closest store. Can I purchase the Cd for this somewhere? I only need the BB for retrieving Email (gmail.com) and running my laptop through the modem feature as well as as a phone.
    Thank you .
    08-09-08 03:17 PM
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    The only way to sort out the IT policy is to follow the instructions you have. Your carrier cannot do it for you.

    You can download the Desktop Sofware from here:-

    08-09-08 03:23 PM
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    Thank you all for the welcome.
    Unfortunatly I cant download the desk top manager as I am only on dial up internet(rural area). The file would take 2 days 2 download. I'll try to get a hold of RIM and see if they can send me the CD. Thanks to all who tried to help
    08-10-08 01:59 PM
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    An idea for you to explore for high speed internet is a microwave system. I have a very fast home WiFi setup provided by an internet provider who sends the signal wirelessly from a tower close to my house. I live in rural Colorado and these companies are everywhere in the country. The only requirement is an unobstructed view of one of their towers. I had no idea these companies existed until I started looking for an alternative to dial up. To get an idea about them you can look up Mesa ISP. This is a Colorado company, but you'll be able to learn enough to do a search for your area. The system works great, I'm at 3mbps guaranteed and it is not a satellite system. The prices are competitive and they didn't require a big deposit or anything like that.

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