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    Hey everyone, I'm Sam and just got my Blackberry yesterday. I started getting ringtones from here earlier today and the first 3 that I had e-mailed to my phone are the only ones that work. After the first 3 ringtones, none of the others that have been e-mailed to my phone seem to work. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out? Thank you!!

    p.s. I got the ringtones off this website, for those who were asking.
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    10-19-08 05:32 PM
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    welcome to cb!!
    sorry can't really help
    10-19-08 05:33 PM
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    where did you get the tones from?
    welcome to crackberry
    10-19-08 05:37 PM
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    Welcome to CB!

    Be careful where you get your ringtones from. Some are scams. They say text us for a free ringtone, but in the small print they will charge you $10 bucks a month. Stick with CB. You'll find everything you need here.
    10-19-08 05:39 PM
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    Hello & welcome to the CB family!

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    10-19-08 05:42 PM
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    Welcome to CB and its best to stick with CB for ringtones wallpaper etc.
    10-19-08 05:54 PM
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    i got the ringtones on this website
    10-20-08 02:21 PM
  8. sknox01's Avatar
    i got the ringtons from here
    10-20-08 02:21 PM