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    Hey All,

    Been lurking for about 2 weeks now (after I bought my first BlackBerry - and absolutely love it). You all seem extremely nice and very helpful, so I felt comfortable joining this forum.

    I bought the BlackBerry Curve from AT&T and love it. I feel that I am not using it to my potential. I would like to know some things. Sorry for the laundry list of questions.

    1. I notice that people are posting about something called BBWeather. I subscribed to a Push weather system from mobile.blackberry.com. Is this the same thing? I also noticed people talking about Accuweather.com and having software for it, but I haven't seen anything...can someone help?

    2. Is there a good website where I can get Push News and Sport Scores? I subscribed to Yahoo! Alerts, however I think that they are WAY to slow (The Bears game ended around 6pm last night - and got an update @ 10pm that they had won). Please let me know.

    3. With AT&T - it seems that I don't have GPS - and I personally think that stinks. I would like to use GPS and I have heard about a "puck". Is it worth it or will AT&T eventually have a firmware/software update to allow GPS?

    4. I have Yahoo! as my personal email address. I have the icon loaded on my BB desktop. But when a Yahoo! email comes in, for some reason the little star notification won't pop up. The message star pops up. Is there a fix for this? The star pops up on my work email, all SMS and MMS texts and PIN messages.

    I have SO much more to learn, and I am so excited about it. I think it is really cool that I can walk anywhere with a device the size of my palm, and actually browse the crackberry forums for answers. So cool. Who would have thought?

    I wanted to also write to all you helpers/users out there. You have made my purchase even better! Thank you so much.

    09-17-07 02:53 PM
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    1. For BBWeather try: blackberrytools.sourceforge.net/OverTheAir/bbweather_0.74/BBWeather.jad

    2. Take a look at Viigo

    3. The basic AT&T Curve 8300 does not have GPS, however you can get a bluetooth GPS puck if you want to. New rumor today states that the AT&T Curve 8310 with GPS built-in will be released Oct 4th.

    4. Did you add your Yahoo mail on your BIS page, or just load the Yahoo application?
    09-17-07 03:05 PM
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    4. Did you add your Yahoo mail on your BIS page, or just load the Yahoo application?
    Thank you so much for your reply kasperapd!

    The first day that I got the Blackberry - and I believe I added it through MEdia Net on AT&T BIS. I think the icon popped up after that. All a blur since then.

    Thanks for the other information as well. Since I bought this blackberry over 2-3 weeks ago, do you think I can a update to include GPS on my BB that I have now?

    09-17-07 03:24 PM
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    2. Take a look at Viigo
    Thank you again. Does Viigo "push" so I get a message when an alert comes in?

    Thank you again!
    09-17-07 03:33 PM
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    If you setup Yahoo via BIS all new mail will appear in the Messages folder as well as your Yahoo folder. I don't use Yahoo, so I'm not sure exactly how it works.

    Viigo will not give you any notifications, you just have to check periodically.
    09-17-07 08:03 PM
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    Thanks kasperapd-
    I love Viigo - thank you so much for helping me with that. Do you use any service to get updates to your phone? How about abyone out there? Yahoo! just seems to have a delay.
    I am going to try the weather app tomorrow - I want something that will update more than twice a day.
    Yahoo! Mail doesn't seem to want to give me a notification either. I deleted it on BIS and re signed up for it - still doesn't show up when the mail comes through - should I try to delete it alltogether and try it out again?

    Thank you so much for the help and patience!

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    09-17-07 10:48 PM