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    Received my 8310 this morning, work decided to get me it since it comes with a cheaper data plan than any of the others available to them. Previous phone was a Nokia 6230 which I used purely as a basic phone and a modem, with a personal Nokia 9300i that I actually used the organiser and calendar features on.

    Still, lets give it a go, everyone who owns one seems to love them right. I've had a read of the guides and FAQs on this site since the documentation that comes with them is non-existant, so far I've managed to enter in all the contacts from my old phone (by hand, since the Blackberry has more useful fields so I want to do it properly) while waiting for the desktop manager software to download at an excruciating 10kb/s, and now I'm running into problems.

    I'm supposed to be able to get push email. I found O2's blackberry email site, entered my PIN and IMEI only to be told it wasn't registered. Back to this site to find out how to do that, follow the instructions and am told "Registration Message Sent", no confirmation as to whether they actually received it, but the site is letting me in so I guess it worked. Fill in my IMAP details which takes a couple of attempts since it assumes that your IMAP username is the same as the bit before the @ in your email address, not true in my case, so I have to fill in my email address as [email protected] and then go in and edit the email address part to [email protected]. Seems to work, the username is correct and it says everything is valid and ok.
    I sent myself a test e-mail 2 hours ago, isn't my blackberry supposed to tell me I have a new email by now?

    The trackball - I initially liked this, but after a few hours of use it's not responding very well to upwards movements, takes 3 or 4 attempts. Is there any easy way to fix this? The other 3 directions are working fine. Have I damaged it by using the side of my thumbnail to press on it when I need to click it?

    Dial-up - It's supposed to be 3G. I can't find any options in the phone to enable 3G, and it seems to always connect via GPRS. Also it's annoying the **** out of me that I have to have the desktop manager software loaded to make the modem work. Surely this can't be right as there is a separate download that just contains USB & Modem drivers. The desktop manager software really doesn't get along well with my ancient laptop, by which I mean it takes several minutes to re-draw it's display after being un-minimised. (Edit: Apparently it is, so long as the blackberry device manager is loaded. This still seems kind of dumb, since that utility doesn't seem to come with the USB&Modem drivers)

    Typing - Is there a recommended way of holding it for typing, since currently I'm just holding it like a normal mobile and typing with the side of my thumbnail, unfortunately it's almost impossible to type a letter M like this. On my 9300, I hold it in two hands and type with both thumbs, but unfortunately the blackberry is too small and slippery to do this.

    Edit 2: Also, is there a version of PuTTY or any other SSH client available?

    Edit 3: I've just noticed that it's decided to scrape all the old SMS messages from my SIM and handle them with it's own messaging application. This would be fine except it's lost the received date for them all, and says they have all arrived today.
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    Try doing a power cycle (battery pull) and ensure that your phone can register onto the network.

    Trackball... it takes some time. You have to wear it in... You can also go to options --> Screen/keyboard and change the sensitivity settings.

    The 8310 is not 3g. The first GSM 3g BB will come in the Blackberry Bold.

    05-17-08 02:41 AM
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    It's had several battery pulls and attempts. I've owned several Nokia Communicators so I'm well aware of the need for a battery pull

    Am I supposed to get some kind of confirmation message back?

    Trackball - I have the sensitivity at 80%. It works fine in the downward direction, just not so well when moving upward

    As for 3G. I guess my employers were mis-sold
    05-17-08 08:29 AM
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    Ok, day 2 and this thing is really starting to get on my nerves. It's like it's trying to obstruct me at every moment because I don't want to do things it's way. That's fine I can deal with having to do things it's way but there's no indication as to what it's way actually is.

    Earlier today I took a picture with the built in camera, that part was easy enough, now I want to get it on to my PC.

    So I hook up the USB cable, an F: drive appears in windows. Awesome! I double click "Please insert a disk into drive F:". Huh? Then I figure out that this must be the memory card reader that's appeared. Ok, fair enough, I load the desktop manager software, it crashes immediately, I load it again, nope I can't transfer individual files with this.

    I guess I need the 200mb / 4 hour download that is Roxio Media Manager. bugger that I'll bluetooth it to my Nokia 9300i and then hook that up with a USB cable and use the Nokia software to get the images.k

    I find the image, go to menu, send using bluetooth. No devices found. huh? I check and bluetooth is definitely on on the Nokia. Read the error message more closely, "No paired devices found". oh.. right it wants me to... hang on a minute, I have to go through the pain in the backside pairing process every time I want to send a funny picture to someone in the pub. Most folk with bluetooth phones don't even know what pairing is.

    There's got to be a way to disable that restriction, right? Please tell me how.

    I really want to like the Blackberry. Really I do. It's the first time work have gotten me a phone which isn't a cheap bottom of the barrel freebie that barely provides the features I need in order to do my job, and the camera is excellent (though I wish there was an option to hold it horizontally, given the location of the button), but right at this moment I want to throw it out of the window in frustration.

    Also, how do I mark a received SMS message as read so that it doesn't display on my main screen any more? For some reason the message is flagged as "Reply Requested" even though my GF set no such option when sending the message from her Nokia E90
    05-17-08 02:08 PM
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    Welcome to CRACKberry. What you need to do is go through the phone very carefully and slowly. If you want to change anything, or select something press in the trackball, or press the menu button, the just to the left of the trackball. By pressing this, the phone will display a list of options, including an options option. Be patient, it will come to you eventually. Good luck, and enjoy.
    05-17-08 06:55 PM
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    Do I detect a hint of sarcasm here?

    I've found the options screens, and I have no problem with the UI, as mobile phone UIs go it's pretty nice, it's easy and quick to navigate and doesn't get in your way. I actually wish my 9300i had something similar to the Curve's trackball since the joystick on that particular phone has it's own flaws (mainly that to press hard enough that you can actually move the joystick consistently tends to also result in clicking it)

    Unfortunately right now I'm feeling like the guy who acquires an iPhone, and loves it right up until the point that they try to send an MMS message at which point it's a case "WTF, why I can't I do this basic task that every phone I've had in the last few years has been capable of doing". The only difference here[1] being, the Blackberry is a mature product, surely there's got to be a way to do it since I can't be the first person in the world who's tried to send a picture to a random bluetooth phone, or copy a picture to a laptop, right?

    [1]Well apart from the fact that the iPhone's inability to send MMS messages is a much more dumb stupid omission than anything that the Blackberry has done to annoy me so far.
    05-17-08 07:14 PM
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    I'm not sure how to help on many of the things that you are having problems with. One thing that I will say is that the 8310 is not a 3g phone. The first 3g bb will be the bb BOLD when it comes out this summer. As for the trackball issue this is somthing that seems to happen to random bb's not sure why. As far as the blue tooth thing is concerned, you mean you have never had to pair a bt device? How would it know what device you want to send the pic to. BB pairing is very simple and once you have the device paired you will not have to do it again. Hit me up on bbm anytime and I will try to walk you through any problems that you are having. Stick with it, once you get the kinks worked out I am sure that you will love your phone.
    05-17-08 07:23 PM
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    If you want to take a picture and send it to your PC, why don't you just take the picture and email it to your PC email address? Then it will be on your PC and you can do what you want with the picture from there...

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    05-17-08 07:28 PM
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    crackvegas78: I am well aware of how to pair bluetooth devices, I keep all my own bluetooth devices (9300i, 6230, blackberry, laptop, Car PC) paired together for convinience.

    However on both my Nokias, there is the ability to pick an image or a sound, send -> via bluetooth -> (wait a moment while it scans and lists all the surrounding bluetooth devices) -> Friend's phone, and it just sends it, no pairing, nothing, your friend doesn't even have to know that you're doing this, it'll just tell them they have a new bluetooth message.

    I often do this to send stuff to people who are somewhat less technical than myself, if I suddenly have to get them to enter a passphrase before they can receive stuff it's going to get too confusing and they'll just not bother instead.

    Plus, would you really want to pair your blackberry with someone else's phone that's configured to accept any old crap?

    crackberryhead: I guess that would work, but it's not always practical, I often find myself in some crappy hotel in the middle of nowhere where I can barely maintain a GPRS connection for more than a few minutes, or just have no signal at all, it also seems somewhat inefficient to have the BB send an image out over GPRS, have it whiz about the internet from O2 to my works mailserver, and then download it over that same GPRS connection through the blackberry and onto my laptop. It's just silly! I do accept it as a workaround, but I may as well just bluetooth it to my 9300i in that case.

    Edit: Actually no, I'm unable to use email on my phone, since we don't have a BES, and all the BIS features are missing for some reason (no personal email in the Setup Wizard, and the eMail Settings application isn't there). Any idea how to enable those? Got my carrier to fix this. They'd buggered something up at their end when setting up my account.
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