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    I live in israel and someone gave me a unlocked verizon BB 8820 to use. the phone was never used in the USA. not even turned on.

    popped in a local sim card and made some calls and sent sms. that was the easy part

    now to get email.

    I have tried using desktop redirector. the pin gets identified but no mail ever gets pushed to the phone. do i need to be connected to the verizon network for DR to work ? what am i missing ?

    I could setup a BES server. Would i still need to be connected to verizon for email to get pushed to me ? i have data service from a different provider.
    11-20-08 11:49 AM
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    To get any emails you NEED to have a data plan
    11-20-08 11:51 AM
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    Like Morales said, you need to have a data plan. it can be through BIS(29.99/mo), or BES(not sure of the price(39.99/mo I think). Without either of these two, you can't get email pushed to your phone.
    11-20-08 12:17 PM
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    After finaly speaking to someone at the local mobile phone compnay (cellcom) the picture seems to be as i suspected.

    blackberry requires a data plan (i knew that) but not just any data plan but one that connects to a special data server to give you connectivity (no relation to bis or bes) i think the reason why BB needs the special server is because the BB uses it's PIN to identify itself for many functions and only a special BB data server can do that.

    what about those guys who just pop in a local sim and they have everything ?they are getting it via data roaming. and that you either have from a world wide data plan w/ free roaming (costs about $60 a month) or you have a usa plan (about $10) and you are paying a huge roaming fee.

    end of story and probably end of my bb experiment. on to a nokia or htc phone.
    11-24-08 01:52 AM
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    They do not have bb data features if they aren't using a bb data plan.
    11-24-08 02:13 AM
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