1. laurah's Avatar
    Hi- Totally BB newbie here. Just bought myself a Curve a week ago and love it. Everything seems to be working great and I'm slowly reading the board, manual and just learning how to do things.

    What I really want to do is give the screen a little more color and life (change theme or wallpaper). And everything I read says I need to go to Options-- Themes.

    Well I have no Themes under Options. Or- It isn't an Option on my Curve.
    I've got v4.2.2.89 (Platform on AT&T.

    I'm not particularly talented messing about with technical files which is why I haven't tried unlocking all the carrier themes which I've seen directions for (afraid I'll screw it up and not have a working phone).

    I would like to purchase some themes I've seen but all require me to find this elusive Options--Themes folder.


    06-23-07 11:13 AM
  2. DearFloyd's Avatar
    This is bizarre. So when you go to options, do you see everything listed in alphabetical order? My themes are listed right under "Status"

    There are no themes yet for the Curve which is why everyone is unlocking the themes on it.
    06-23-07 12:37 PM
  3. laurah's Avatar
    Where are you accessing the Options - Status from?

    I am pretty sure I've been through every menu on the phone but who knows?

    And I thought I'd seen a couple themes for purchase that claim to work with the Curve (as well as the 8800 among other phones). I was wondering if it was possible that they had themes out already for the Curve or were just selling them for the Curve assuming that some folks could play around with them enough to get them to work. Obviously in that case I would not be among those folks.
    06-23-07 01:36 PM
  4. DearFloyd's Avatar
    Well from the main screen, there is an icon for options. Click it and scroll all the way to the bottom to themes. I cant seem to understand how you don't have this on your device. Was it new? Are you sure the icon for options isn't hidden?

    There are no themes for purchase for the 8300. None. The only way to get more is to unlock them which is something you don't want to risk.
    06-23-07 01:43 PM
  5. laurah's Avatar
    Yes, completely new- watched them slice the tape on the box at the AT&T store, open the box and insert my SIM card. No Options icon on the main screen. And I've done the Unhide thing. I've got a little wrench icon labled Options under the icon labled Settings on the main screen.

    Eureka - I think I've found it. Just had to keep digging. AT&T really buries some things.
    06-23-07 01:56 PM
  6. DearFloyd's Avatar
    I am so happy you found it. The icons and menus change with each theme so I'm glad you found it. I forgot the default theme was set up like that so hopefully you're on your way now to some new wallpapers to match your themes.
    06-23-07 02:06 PM