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    I just got a curve 8310 yesterday.

    I bought a media card and put a few ringtones that i downloaded onto my computer on it.

    When I put it into the blackberry, I tried to "format the card" (which i realize i should have done first... but didnt. It keeps saying that it 'failed' . Also, I can't install the memory card either.

    What do I need to do to be able to use the memory card?

    Also, exactly how (where do i go and what to i do) to get the ringtones off of it and become an option to become a ringtone under the different profiles?

    Thank you!!
    10-10-08 10:56 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry Nicole.

    If I understand correctly, you must have formatted your media card in another computer, then moved it to your Curve.

    I assume it was the micro version of the SD card, the slot is too small to accept a standard SD card. If it is the right one, the technique is to press it into place before you close the cover slot. Do not force the cover, if you try, the card in not inserted correctly.

    That should be fine, but you will not have the default set of folder created by a BlackBerry format.

    You can create them manually, then everything will have a default place and finding it will be simple.

    Use Media / Explore to make the directory structure:

    BlackBerry / Music
    / pictures
    / ringtones
    / videos
    / voicenotes

    Feel free to add additional directories, I have one for documents too.
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    10-10-08 11:08 AM
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    looks like reed has helped you, hes a good guy to have help ya.
    welcome to crackberry
    10-10-08 12:49 PM