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    Hey folks, I posted in the main thread of this forum but everyone seems to be really useful and friendly to newbies.

    Ok, so here's the scoop... my Treo 650 is going to get sent to Treo Heaven anyday now because I've just had it! I currently have AT&T and am able to receive the discount etc and am stuck between the Treo 680 OR the BB Curve or even the 8820 WE.

    I was also considering switching to Sprint because their data service is cheaper and faster than AT&T (or it could have been the 650 that was slow at downloading). Now, my only problem with Sprint is that I am applying to grad schools in NY AND the UK, so if I go to the UK and get a Centro, I will enjoy it for a good 8 months here and then sell it on ebay! Atleast with the 8830 WE, I can still take it over there.

    Any pointers between the Curve and 8820? When Im back in school, I plan to use it mainly for email, calendar and play games/music.


    EDIT: Ok, this board is soo addicting and I think Im going to make the switch, see the light and switch over to a BB! Now I'm leaning more towards the curve but the 8820 does have WiFi access!
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    12-20-07 12:24 PM
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    get the curve you'll love it but sprint doesnt have the curve. i think
    12-29-07 08:56 PM
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    Little late on this one but welcome aboard. There is no 8820 with Sprint. It's an 8830.
    12-29-07 10:05 PM
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    Get a curve,it runs on the gsm network(SIM CARD),then no matter if you go to NY or the UK,it will work because GSM is pretty much a worldwide standard,you wont need the WE,but,the GSM network does run on the slower EDGE network(compared to the faster EVDO network,sprint and verizon),the curve is smaller and lighter than the 8800 series.
    12-29-07 11:03 PM