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    I just got a blackberry curve 8300, I love it. There is just one thing i'm trying to figure out how to do. How do I delete an application icon off my applications screen. I downloaded yahoo messenger onto my blackberry but it says it cannot be used with my device so I want to delete the icon for yahoo messenger off my applications page. I already went to my device options section..selected applications...and deleted yahoo messenger from the phone. I just have the icon left there..and oddly enough when i select the icon it still comes up as Yahoo Messenger, asking for yahoo login and everything so now i'm comfused..is it deleted or not. Please help. Thanks (and no it is not part of the applications list anymore in the device options section)
    Shannon..the newbie
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    05-05-08 03:23 AM
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    Doesn't sound like it's deleted yet.. Did you restart your phone after you deleted it?
    05-05-08 04:25 AM
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    yes it has been restarted since then
    05-05-08 04:49 AM
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    Huh. Try pulling out your battery. It resets the phone. Is it still showing up on your application list?
    05-05-08 05:11 AM
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    Go to Options>> advanced Options>> Applications>> Menu>> Modules>> and look for it there. Then highlight it>> Menu>> Delete. Should remove it.
    05-05-08 05:12 AM
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