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    Hi everyone,

    I've had my Storm since July 1 and have researched -and discovered- quite a few things! However, there are a few remaining questions:

    * in themes, which I have not installed any, what are "hidden" docks? I believe I understand the "today" part on the homescreen. Perhaps I'll understand the hidden part once I actually D/L a theme & install it

    * is there a way to find out what apps are currently running in the background? I try to close them all by using the "escape" key ... is that correct? (I'm still confused whether closing is done by escape key or red hang up key, ugh - I just cannot "get this!")

    * and a general rant / honest bewilderment: why on Earth is there only so much (read: not enough) app memory, but tons of device mem? I've already deleted many apps, but once I start installing new apps, yikes!

    Thanks so much, I truly appreciate any and all answers!! Awesome site & I'm so thankful it exists, especially you Crackberry Addicts, Abusers, Masters, and Geniuses (and the couple of Genius of Geniuses I've seen posts from, wow!)!!

    07-07-09 01:31 AM