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    Hi everyone,

    OMG, I just got my curve yesterday and I LOVE it! I have already put music on there, set up my email, taken photos (even at night with the flash) This could be bad....

    Anyways, some questions I have are...

    ---How can I access my address book faster without having to scroll and click on the 'address book' icon? Is there a button to press?

    ---Is there also something I can program to write a text message faster, without having to go to the 'messages' icon and then hit the menu button, etc...

    ---When I click on an icon on the homepage, how can I just go to the beginning of the menu part..when I click on it, it goes to the last pages I used?

    ---How can I make my email from yahoo show a notification (when I get an email message) on the 'yahoo' icon and not the 'messages' icon? I want to check my text messages but not always run to my phone for an email..they are both showing up in the 'messages' icon. If I just saw a notification on the yahoo icon, that would be better.

    HOpe this wasn't too confusing! I LOVVEE my CRACKBERRY!

    08-05-07 04:51 AM
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    1. Turn off your dial from home screen (phone / menu / geneal options / dial from home screen / off). Then from the main screen you can just press A. Plus there are lots of other shortcuts...

    2. Again, with the dial from home screen off, press C to create a new message, or M to go to messages, or A to choose a contact to then send a message to...

    3. Go to browser / general properties / scroll down and change the home page...

    4. all messages (emails) go to the messages folder. So, check your profile settings...
    08-05-07 05:10 AM
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    Welcome, Courtney. Also take a look at these tips and shortcuts. Very helpful. They are for the 8800 and 8300.

    08-05-07 10:23 AM
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    Does anyone IM frm their BB? Also, I'm on this site frm my BB, can I start a new thread or do I hav 2always reply. Last but not least. Is there a way 2send msgs w/o tha trackwheel?

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    08-05-07 02:57 PM
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    To save time to access address
    Book you can set the left or right side buttons m alson FYI hit the space bar and your recent call log comes up

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    09-21-07 09:38 PM
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    Welcome to CB, to answer your question, yes you can start a new thread using your bb via the WAP site.

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    03-17-08 06:11 AM
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    If you know the name you're looking for just type in the first letter on your home screen then scroll down to the name you're looking for. That is if you have dial from home screen on of course.
    03-17-08 07:42 AM
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