1. Boomhauer#CB's Avatar
    Hello Everyone..

    New to the site, and pretty new to the whole blackberry thing also. I have a curve(at&t), that I'm about to be using for work. Right now, it just has my personal email accounts set up on it. I have a few questions for you experts.

    First of all, since I don't have my work email set up on it yet(we're switching from Lotus to Outlook), I haven't installed the disk that came with the phone. I started to, but it wanted me to do some stuff with corporate email, and I figured I'd wait since Outlook hasn't arrived on our computers yet.

    I did download the desktop software today so I can charge my blackberry via the USB port on my laptop.

    Question is....should I go ahead and install the disk? Can I go back later and update it when I get my corporate email coming in through the blackberry?

    Second question.....I noticed all the cool dowloads (wallpapers, software etc) on this site. I'm assuming that I need the startup disk mentioned above installed before I can download/use any of these?

    Thanks for you help and sorry for the long first post.
    11-28-07 05:11 PM
  2. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    Pretty sure you can install Desktop Manager and not have to worry about it. If you need to change it later its not too difficult. To get the wallpapers/ringtones onto your device you should have it installed anyway, its a lot easier than emailing everything to yourself.
    11-28-07 07:02 PM